To all the different ones.

Being different is amazing. But those that are not different? They have a hard time understanding how we can be so amazing? Not realizing perfect can’t be defined by on person but all.

Perfect is found in the differences not the sameness. Fitting in is an illusion. Many people chase it to no end. Fitting is what we are. Fittings working together in this cog called life cycles. If you don’t fit in them you fit out. And came to stand out. Perfectly sublimely radical nonsense to those who seek sense.

Those people that tease you? they don’t get it. Ok. They are still learning and projecting their lack of fit in on you for fear of being found out. They knocked you down cuz someone else knocked them down. Get up. And show them how it done being unique. Poor things are blinded by your light. Don’t tone yourself down. Turn it up so they can see themselves and how different is perfect in the grand scheme of thing around here.

God counts the hairs on our head. Even the deemed ugly ones. To god. You are perfect. Don’t catch the virus from them Of self loathing and perfection complex. Just be you bo. They’ll figure it out. If I can post all I post here and still be who I am it’s safe to be yourself. Who’s really stopping up anyway?

But what someone once said.

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