The question is this.

To the family. Question is this. Is Linda telling you all what to think? Or? Have I hit pay dirt? Is she? Ask you what you think about it? And you just keep agreeing with your own versions? I see many versions going on.

Have I stabbed well at this veil? Can we see each other clearly? I played battle ship a lot growing up. Sunk a many battle ship in my day. People don’t like that kind of accuracy in a little child. I’m supposed to loose so they can win. That’s funny. I’m playing for a whole nother reason than you with only one Mom. This is practicing. To remember.

I’m gonna show them all how much I paid attention. This wheel ain’t been sleeping on her job in the streets for Moms. Trying to find a friend like me to play with. Where are you? You who get me? I’m here. I get you. Let’s show ourselves to our own Mothers. So they can see we all made it to the top. Step aside you one Mothers lovers. Two twice the fun. Loved twice as much on both sides. Backed up twice. Now that’s some hardware there of value.

Calling out the pop shots taken at the precious woman with two Mamas in a world that needs to see the others. I’ve always got a hammer on both sides. Ooouuu. On you. Two very different working together within me. Both part of my framing. Making up the two faces of this eves daughter. Two mirrors. One genetic. The others another all together what a view. Peripheral visions from visions called woman. My mothers. Full credits together. Gang busters. Friends. Foes. Always working on me. I came to succeed for them.

So? Who do you believe now family? Is Mamas telling or has she been asking you about you? And you’ve been telling people. You’ve been telling all about you about her and me. She sees it. Did you even consider who’s who around here? She’s our Mama. Have some damn respect.

I’ve called all y’all on the carpet for her. She’s tired of folks being so blind to give back. If you can’t follow her lead then what the hell where you doing growing up? Did you even pay attention to that woman or just make your own fun? What did she give you? While dealing with the loss of me? Yeah. She lost me. Missed me. Aches for me. Did you even pay attention? Days. Cycles. Behaviors? My god! Compassion. So so inexpensive. Where’s yours? Hmmm?

Lights camera. Action!! Lights on you all. Not just me. Hello! What ya gonna do? Yeah. You who are kept? You know her so well? You say she doesn’t need me? That’s not what her eyes tell me. Her coffee tells me and my son. While frantic weirdos called sister go off like a Roman candle in the kitchen. Uninvited. Uninvited. Drama. Name calling. Rude. I’ll mannered. must I keep making this list? While you do nothing to show us your raising? Oh my God!!

Snap!! This is your clue. Get with it. New chapter. First scene. Act one. Whatever dudes. Party. Me and Mama. Love yourselves by loving us. Takes more them one to unify. I’m just showing where to stitch. With Mama. Don’t tell her she can’t. Never did a thing. Even I know that.

I’ve always been the teachers pet. My Mamas included. If you struggle to believe it ask them. Three joined together makes a strong union. The space in the middle for us is god. Very strong bond.

So. Family. Best reverse the thrusters about me and Mama. Cuz I ain’t going no where. Nor is she. We worked to hard praying ourselves back together. All of us woman bonded together bridging gaps with love. it’s deeper then a surface conversation. If your not paying attention to everything it’s hard to keep up with it. Flow is key.

Mamas been watching me bloom in front of the world. What you been doing about it? Are you even glad for her and me? Are you even following our love story keep going on and on. Written slang sideways. She still gets me. She’s been ready forever for this return of her karma. She’s got a thrust for it. You gonna serve her or make her do it herself? Like wow? Mama. I do not get this at all.

I’ve been trying my best. Some weird things being said. Who’s who’s difficult to decipher with the brain. I’m picking up a lot of energy’s coming from your frequency. And it’s got me fired up and ready. I just wanted you to know I feel your energy. I’m praying for ya. 💋

Gods doing something amazing. I know that much. Whether this sounds crazy or not. It’s a journal page. So it’s raw without grammar or punctuation being worried about.

I want my family to be sure about who we are dealing with here. Two woman. Mothers. Together. But apart. Like. Straighten up. You guys are so silly. You can’t realize they are talking through me? They programmed me? What’s mother is out of date with any one of her children? And I have two tracking me. I am the merger.

And I am talking about the difference of kids kept and kids regifted. The mindsets difference. Duh? So basic can we hear something else worth hearing them that? Plural mindset. Like? We dump the first months when the papers are signed? Please? Don’t tell me you think that? Oh? You don’t think at all about it? Lovely. Just wonderful. Such a contributor to the society of the ignorant kept ones. Nice.

I have been experiencing shock lately. And I’m sure it’s not my own. Cuz I’ve been watching the family since forever. But the Mother Units are not happy with the shenanigans of this family unit. The chosen one my ass someone said. You know who you are. Face your own self for talking like that about me. Obviously I’m chosen. Get over it. You were chosen too. Just call it kept. My calling is not like yours but we are related.

I’ve come to honor our Mother. The gift my life lived to bring honor to her out of a very rough situation. You both succeeded in me. I am the proof in this pudding called we. I recognize you both equally as benefactors. It does all come out in the washing of the past away. I owed you both that to tell it my way. Credits given for what was given to give to me. We did the best and better then others I’ve seen around taking about their Mamas, with less to work with. We are scrappers from way back.

Folks want to take about undiagnosed ptsd? Step aside we first. That’s what they call it? I’ve had it for years too. What’s it mean? Is it like cancer? Can I die from it? Not on my watch Mothers. What a hell of an adjustment to all of our necks with that one. Like a choker while the jokers play with we connected, but they can’t see what we see when out together once’s again. Finishing sentences and laughing in unison. I imagine so. Like old friends dooooo. Doo doo heads. What else did you expect of Linda’s Daughter Named Belinda Jean? some slacker? Oh honey. You don’t know my Mothers at all like me. No no. Not like me.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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