My children.

My children must accept they signed up to not run with the pack all day. But ahead of the pack is our way. I don’t give a shiitake mushroom about anyone else.

I wonder where they find these whiners? Whining about their own Mothers. But they send them to me to straighten out. So if your wondering? They sent you to me. They are smart. They know what’s what around here in the world. I watched them learn about it. Instead of always being on the phone typing about it. Not many do.

Not many work to not control. To trust that you trained them well. So they never part from it. Not even old age can stop it. Worry is the enemy of the good home. Trust in yourself and the rest will be the history your children choose. They have a choice. Mine learned early. About choices we make. Owning them. I’m owning my two Mamas all day. Can’t stop me. That’s how it’s done. Owned all I went through for two great lady’s that have backed me the whole way. Until now. Cuz I’m back them up writing it all out from my side of the experiences to theirs. Completely a full circle report.

Belinda Jean present and accounted for. At your service.

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