Hot off the tiktok press press press. 😳✋

I crack me up. It’s so dry. You know? It’s the simple successes. Each day. Like making coffee without spilling anything. The daily Olympics of successes in family living. Team Angela and Belinda worked together to bring this huge team win for the entire clan in our egg toss completion this morning with ourselves, against ourselves.

And our flesh was willing and strong not weak. Halla fuckin luyah!! Glory to Jesus and whomever glory needs to go to. I mean Jesus is not greedy. Give the devil flesh her due!! Way to go body temples of Angela and Belinda!! Two churches working together to stack the eggs in the refrigerator. Not breaking one!!! Two levels! Carefully moved from the box to the refrigerator!! It’s sublime!!

And only those of us who count the little successes know the taste of such morsels as these egg box successes. Hope floating for all her drag queen laden body is worth. Marie and Jean working together. Who cares about the eggs. When you see a sign you see a sign. At least for me. Compromise leads to inner-dependence. no longer co dependent. Whoop!! It’s working. This way is working. The shift is happening for us.

And the ripple affect will be felt like a pebble times every pebble here. Magic. To those who don’t know about science and the divine order pattern. Perceptions are like a tractor beam. Holding one in their place. Our perceptions of each other hold each other in a specific place in someone’s mind. As one person changes the whole dynamic changes and a domino affect happens. I have initiated a domino affect effect on myself, knowing sciences backs my move up 100%. Awareness is amazing.

All this done from a garage. Proving Magic happened in the garage. This is where I learned science with Papa. Magic to many who just don’t get science. Or mechanics. Papa knew I did. So he taught me with commons things like oil and magnets and metal. Chemicals. A brilliant man. Saw my potential in a garage built on an old garage yard. 😹😹😹 god. Is funny indeed.

Honor typed up from a garage where a picture I look at of he and Nana. So sweet indeed. I learned the lessons they taught me on how to rise above your raisin. And to do it like billy the kid in a windstorm display of intelligence ain’t no one seen in years.

There were many times growing up when I felt I would go over the edge. My mind wishing to explode from all the stimulus of a strange existence. But living in a time out while watching others coach you about the game is quite a teaching moment I caught on the film of my mind and remembered. To tell all of you. The tales of an adopted child’s growing up and the affect effect it has had on me the product of Adoption. After. Crunching all the numbers. and adding it all up and subtracting some, multiplying it and dividing myself up to so many who have tasted this story.

Most people turn their noses up? Pucker their lips and just wont taste it? I can’t imagine why👎????? Oh me. Oh my? No one wants the truth soup my Mamas made with me? Oh? Wow. That’s sad. We worked 57 years so far on it with the ingredients you gave us? This doesn’t sound delicious to you? I’ve not seen many likes. So. I guess? You’re interested but you feel it’s not tasting as good as it should maybe? Checking on the recipe? Trolling. By? Checking. Smelling. Reading maybe? Maybe. Or maybe more like popping your head in to see if anything’s ready to eat? Cuz you can’t cook?

This is my ridiculous Adoption recipe story whatever. All these ingredients made this. And it saddens me that folks are so dumb and want me to dummy it up for them. This ain’t dumb. Your dumb for not realizing how complex this lifestyle is. That’s what. Don’t hate the soup can for serving you what me and my Mamas made. Hate yourself for not helping them by seeing me correctly.

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