Hey Chelsie. Is this silly enough for ya?

This recipe is the toughest bird I’ve ever had to tenderize!! So man injections! I’ve been working day and night day whatever. It’s running all together these days nights whatever. Maybe. I can still make you laugh? You have not seemed amused lately? Or you don’t need this Comedy Central anymore?

I’ve been changing up the line up and content. Making it relevant for the times so we all can laugh at it finally? The games we play to save a baby? Lord Jesus is right! And then to stand under them and watch them die right in front of you? What’s a recipe indeed for disaster of Mothers. Recipes. Children and those ingredients need to change it. I’ve search high and low to find the right spices to spice up this existence. Only to find it was my Mamas kitchens. Where you gonna find my magic and throw them all together and spice it up and feed it to the others and watch the whole thing blow up growing. Going. Further then before. This ain’t no stones throw. It’s a bolder. Rock soup made with my Mamas help by me and all the others.

Translations matter. In family dynamics it’s important to know how to translate each other. Always remember the old text and learn to translate it into the times. People don’t understand what you don’t tell them. So. Tell them what you know. So they can know different ain’t scary. Horror stories are just stories without the proper ending. stuck in a deadly cycle no light in sight. Unfinished stories trying to find their happy ending only to be given up on my the toilet who just gave up on himself and throw in the towel to Hollywood and made us all wonder about it too with no answers?

Victor. Valor. What’s the difference. We all are chosen. Sometimes twice. Sometimes she’s kissed a million times. Keep it simple sis. Kiss kiss. Wish. Wish. Dreams come true. It’s all in you. It’s all in you to finally do it. Rise above others suspicions your a victim. Show them. Sheep them their own victor in you. Go on. Go on. Just fucking do it baby. Show them. Show them the victor in you.

I’m a victor. If you read things between my lines those lines are your baby. What my words hit in you is in you. Pay attention to your reactions to me. I got reactions of my own to your actions and non actions. Trippin. Trippin. On you not me. I’m just spinning spinning my web. Got you all corded it. You tangled in your own cords baby. Im yanking on those chains. Can you feel it? Go on. Unhook it. Let the chains fall to the floor. Feel the weights lift. How? Can I tell you if I had not done this howdenie myself. Forget the spelling. When we are changing the way you see it. Beyond grammars parameters and spellings walls of interpretations. Back to instincts. Divine gps. Staying connected to the internet connection of this heaven we live within that lives within us all. Imagine a truck clear connection? Isn’t that where that’s going? Permanent broadband expandable connections?

We get in our own way. Devices to talk to heaven about stuff. we all are pieces of heaven finding herself.

If you can’t laugh at yourself. No one can laugh at themselves. It’s an affect effect we all need.

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