Get it right folks.

Let me say it this way. If you go to my Mamas and talk about me? Your talking about them. So. Correct that we gonna be fine. Don’t get that one right?? Then you blind. I’ve been talking about my Mamas for years to other Mamas. They could even compete.

I personally have felt sorry for all those who only see one. or two even. My Mamas in all y’all Mamas talking to me. So I picked up the Mama line and told Mama how I feel. She knows cuz for her all the children seemed to be me talking to their Mamas at her. That’s why this hit her like a ton of bricks. It was all true what they said for me to her. Direct lines of communication in a party line world.

How much do I love you Mama? You know. I tell you all day how much to every Mama I meet. Now tell everyone it’s true. Cuz I’m proving it right here. Right now. Our unique connection to each other is real. Can’t no one. Not even us to put away set what God joined together. You and me and Mama Jean and everyone else for that matter. If your brain can count that high? Broadband connections are real already. We are the phones calling to each other. Asking is God able.

The answers yes if you are able and willing to date to look silly to prove the connections real. I am willing and able to prove the connections real. Are you? Do you dare to test it like me? How far a mamas love can go. Deep. Far. Wide. Tall and Short. where it must go. Mamas love goes with you and never dies. Her tears the water to help you grow y’all to see her from any distance. Your ears keen to hear her requests. And change all the orders when she needs you to figure out what she needs too. No need to repair it at all except in your thinking. I’m aware. The connections quite real.

And how far my Mamas love has reached me from far away.

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