Facing haters.

Facing haters.

To face

Or not to face

That’s the question I hear all day.

Face them.

Why? Cuz they are fans in the making.

Learning why they are attracted to your eneegy

Haters. Doubters. Whoever. Thomas joe Jane.

People that struggle to get it and try to give up

Drag us all bavk

Pull their weights.

Gotta hold your own

If you got way to mich

On that plate maybe share some

Why throw good away?

Attracting worms being forced to starve

Did we remembered the earth

Needs to be fed back too.

It’s a feedback loop guys

Make it count

Feed what you want back

Get it every time.

I’ve just made myself clear.

This space in between two woman

Starting back at you.

Where did you think I was?

Looking at all you fools that don’t even

Get it with one.

Hate yourself you didn’t get chosen to have two Mothers. Lovers of two. Legally a threesome that’s not nasty. Finally. Woman getting together appearing separately to tend to the children of others. Seems like a movement to me?

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