Art. Two faces of eve being born. Here. Sales that do you rightly. Invest in yourself.

$125. She represents you. If you like her. Then show her her worth and that your willing to spend it all on her to prove you’ll do the same for yourself. Now that’s buying power there with intention.

There’s only one like this. Next ones gonna be different. So. I’m seeking it right now if you wanna catch it hot of the paint room floor.

First one that pays gets it. I can show. If you pay and someone else gets ahead of you? The next ones yours and is supposed to be yours. Divine order. You may message me here. Or there to check pre purchase. And I will have more to come. Thanks for your purchase. Xox.

She’s gonna come in a fancy box. And with a letter to you. Personally. She will be pro perky blessed and be a contact point to me always and to the two sides of yourself. Pray. I pray with you. And so on. Much like the Christian prayer cloths. Anointed for those needing help. Prehelp. Instead of after thoughts of help.

You of course. Can make your own or purchase on made for you from me. Which harness my energy too. Like pulling together like the Bible says too. Like every David and Mary and Margaret and Anne holding hands together by holding a rock. As we remember how powerful connections mixed with unity really is. Especially if it hits in the mind space first.

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