Yes. This is a hard place to try to hide love like this.

The hell ive gone through

And didn’t stay.

This love for you give me the strenght

To keep rising above

As I dip low to lick it

Off your earth.

I’ve gladly hidden this love

Waiting for the right time

To really show folks

How to rise above

Flying with my fully formed

Brilliantly adorned

Wings of love I earned myself

Falling down

Rising up again

The whole way

Learning how to land and take flight

Lord give me the strength

To drag out everyone alive

This time.

Like samsinite in flight

Throwing lover all over the olanet

Out of the hard places

Calling roll call

To those who choose

To save their bullets to earn more

In infinite measure

Speaking, breath as holy gun

To ignorances bliss

Is so much less then to understand how to maintain a bliss

Is death trap to progress

Stay alert.

Pay attention

Bliss is a job well done

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