Messages. Messages. The switchboards lit!!

And I am channeling those crazy messages you send the planet right here for all of you. Including me. These massages are for me as well. And are worthy of sharing so others may ponder and possiblly receive the message they have been waiting for that they sent out into the World Wide Web email gatherer search engine extreme? Responding back to you. But your, voice mail, Snapchat, Twitter, email, snail, mails are so full of bullshit?

I. The universe. Decided this time. To use a woman orphaned to her Mama and I trust to me by both her Mothers to see if anyone’s sharpe enough to catch this one. And cage her? No. She’s mine fellas. Mother Fucking Earth mother trained her myself. She’s got three Mamas in collaboration with me sweeties. All of you could wish to serve with me like she does. Damn your mind that says I am not in charger around here. I’ll use anyone of you when I please. Corinna virus? Whatever. How many names must I have?

Linear. One of the finest cows. Minded. Bullshit. Instead of cycles??to deny what is time and again? What is this cycle? We are linear now. No. You are. I am not. And each day a cycle keeps cycling. We track the cycles and call them time lines of the wander treks trekkies treks. Children wandering around. Instead of looking up and down and all around for the treats I surround you with daily. Daily my dears. If you are so stupid that you fail to recognize my voice? That’s on you honey. I giveth, and take it away you ninnies!! Don’t you call me abusive?!!!’you are abusing me. And blaming me. And digging into me. Your own Motther!!

I’ll post videos later. I need to finish cooking dinner for my Mama Jean. That’s how you doing it people!!anything else but telling the whole truth to your Mamas and dishing it up in a sobering up rendition. Short intermissions to regroup and take in more of this elixir tancture they themselves cooked up in the sixties. The truth told in fable form. You figure your own out and do the same.

We. Are not wandering. But being lead higher in our mindsets. Anyone that understands this broadcast. Gods been talking me through this orphans life so help me god. Using two woman. Times trillions and trillions. It’s intense. Yes. Tuned in tappedin and turned on. Always.

When Mama earth calls me. I pick the damn phone up and don’t let it go to voice mail. I make my own Mamas go to voicemail. And they get it. They have a deep knowing about it they doubt admit. I’m making it safe for them to come out and testify. Oh Lordy. The stories. To tell for the ages of to broads called lady’s that came together before in heaven to raise me here a leader and Moses in female form.

Now. Go chew on that. Videos later I’d you dare to hang around here. While I rivet that brain back together and solder wires together. Sparking the desire to believe in Mother Again. What’s all this nonsense all about father god this and that!?? Statement. I know the answer. You haven’t gotten this one right yet. This messenger I use her has passed with her honors and bestows honor back to her Mothers. Here. Publicly with no shame in her game.

I speak through ever I wish to speak. Know my voice. Major Tom from ground control. Put your helmet on. Put your thinking cap on. Always. Cycles of change are fun. Nothing ever dies. It’s recycled. Just accept the cycles. Flow. This is our home. We work together. As equals. Don’t let it go to your head to much and it’s way more fun.

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