I post an update to Major Tom

You can go scroll to the bottom and find it after the sentence own your shit. 🤣🤣🤣

Oh I am making ya work are I not? Ha ha. Mental Exercise. That’s what I call it. The constant comparing of the notes inside my head. Ok. Here a conversation. Or mental process that happens like clock work without me evening really noticing. It’s just automatic.

Mama Jean say, blah blah blah. It’s doesn’t matter what she says. That’s talent goes into my brain. My body feels it. A comparison of notes goes on. Something like is this true? Or? How can she even talk like that? to me? Or? No. That simply is not right. Go away !! You are not acting like my Mama would if she could!! I know her!! You. Dear lady. Are getting to know her through me. So. Be grateful yourself. I Be Linda. You said it yourself! And then backed it up with Jean!!

Call me crazy!! You don’t even know my Mama like I do!! You snooty operator! get out of my way! I’ll do it myself! Cuz I know better! Than you!! How to do it! Sound familiar? Linda?

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