Major Tom to ground control, tune up. Updates.

Who says what say where says who? If this doesn’t make sense to you? Go home. Thomas the doubter.

God is all and all is god. Let me defy all the odds right in your face with a bell. What you say or think about this? Is your truth. Not mine.

Own your shit and stop calling it mine.

That’s is the silliest video. Only free people can act free in front of everyone. and I still remember the cruel things people have said to me and choose to go against their grains. And just be me. I get it. I get me. And that’s really what matters most. But I do realize. I’m not alone.

My life is. A tribute to the haters who just didn’t get the idea of me? God thinks I am a good idea. So good. It took two Mamas getting together to help this idea Be. Mama spread her legs and invited me in. Even though society said it was a bad idea at the time. And them gave me to Mama Jean to finish the job. Yeah. I like how that rings. I’m gonna keep that one. And. Mama jean totally. And I mean totally. Backed my Mama up like a real OG. And invested hard for a infinite return. She did not. I repeat. Back down with Linda in me. No sir.

And Linda inside of me was so vocal about it. You do not do it like that Jean. Ugh! Like this! How many times must I show you. 😩🤣🤣🤣 and I did not see it. Until I met the real Linda. What a shock. She was there the whole time. I know. Most people don’t get this far and still maintain awareness such as I am describing. Is that my fault everyone’s so slow? Must be the only one mother thing I guess?

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