My day. I don’t claim to be some amazing speaker. I just Be Linda and Jeans girl.

I am Just real. yeah. I poke at what matters. Mothers. Matter after the supposed job is done. The test has just begun. Did ya learn your lessons? Or did you sleep through classes?

This may sound brash. But it’s true. What did my fathers really do? But fuck both my Mamas and left them to me. Well? Fuck you both. I again, Be. kind and Jeans at the end of each day. Doing good on a planet that fails to see them in me working like magic holy simplicity.

Seems simplicity is so simplex these days. Learn your lesson. Practice the precepts. Again. And again. And again. enemy to only ignorance. I make folks see what investments Be. Like some recipient of the holy bank load. Doling out returns for woman who cared enough to invest in me.

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