I am not going to write in clean lines so you can figure out what I am say?

If you can’t understand me? Well learn my language then? I’ve learned yours? That’s what the classroom outside Mama classrooms like. Balls to the walls learn. The lingo. And this Mama is way more then bilingual. Honey with a singular mindset. I’ve got a plural mindset. That’s probably what’s throwing ya off. Hit second gear and try it. You know you can.

I may not know Spanish. But I know the basic needs of anyone. I can build from there. Basics. So underrated. Mid stream if anyone’s consciousness I can shift a gear. Not many can do that and keep the conversations going. Ego gets i. The way I’m until we recognize egos standing in the way. Protecting you until you figure it out. Until you see your own reflection in others and can accept it in others and help sort.

We all got shit. Charmin proves that all day all night. wiping away shit all day while folks don’t even realize poop is a thing everyone makes. Realizing your own poops smell to discern another’s, similar but different. We mirror each other. But the mirror goes both ways. If you don’t like what you see? It’s on you not me. I like all of me. Even the smelly parts. OOOUUU. OOOUUU. Many are constipated trying to poop out the shit. Stuck siting on the throne that gods sitting in not realizing gods there at all. Inside them. Waiting to be seen while they just hate pooping.

Poop means your alive. You are something good and digested it. If you are constipated?. that’s on you. All blocked up and holding back some rank shit I imagine. Everyone’s eaten a meal that tasted delicious to the tongue. And then smelled the poop and almost barfed at the smell. But it’s a smell of success. That means you digested it and the body used it to make fuel. Methane gas. Fuel for the Organic machine, body made from dirty and water. A bacteria factory. Ecoli the friend who’s called an enemy by those who don’t get the science of poop. Ridiculous.

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