Tell me I can’t play you like a fiddle. if you are reading this read all of this. Or go away looser.

Tell me I can’t play two woman like a fiddle. Tell me I suck at fiddle playing. Ask both my Mamas if I got them right? Ask um I threw my new and updated twist on some of the content. Thi NY a have changed. But these two woman? Are tigresses. No doubt in my mind they both programmed. I’ve tested it all. After playing the quiet game so I could learn all the lines so I could twist them all together and send back to them both.

So they could meet one another without even seeing each other body’s. Ha! Like two woman arguing through me at the other! It’s wicked genius to mix the two together. They did that concoction. Mind blowing combo mixed with the fathers who helped. each body has its own DNA programming that’s passed on in each of us in differing degrees we are all unique. Punnet square. God introduces sciences for all the doubting Thomas’s. Test me says the lord. Will I, what? Sciences is testing god. Is the church? Even practicing?

What’s the best way for us to learn? Anyone know?

The best way to retain what you have learned is to teach it. Teaching us practice. Showing over and over many of the same things in different ways as to make a complete point. Any know the math on a point? How about degrees and angles? Anyone? Paying attention to it all and connecting the dots? Yet? What is pie? Pi? Pye? Don’t be Joesy Pie!! Anne of Green Gables. You must be the best teacher around! Why? Why? Anyone know why? Marilla? Thomas? Hell no and yes. But back to the beginning of Anne with and E. Her parents. Teachers. And she ate books like cotton candy that melted into her brain and made her strange but so darn witty spouting poems freely and gaylee. While wearing pug fled sleeves of all the nerve of that orphaned girl?

Breaking slate on bad boys heads. Just angry she got caught cus he had it comin. Yes. Her parents would never allow a young man to get away with pull her beautiful red hair no one seemed to appreciate but she. not even Marilla or nasty Mrs Lynd. Sure. Thomas like it. But her parents loved her hair. To them she’s was precious. Don’t get carried away because of others perceptions. You have your own given to you through dna to know how beautiful you are when they are gone or not near you and tasing you. We are set to love ourselves. It’s we who have not realized that we must mainaint a course of love for ourselves. That’s the GPS update we all need. Reset to preset and forget the rest.

John Lennon is right and left. Both directions. Love. Balance. Love your mammal body. Love your temple. Love yourself like no other and no one can not love you. Love you. Saying it over and over resets the systems back to preset. But folks be lazy. It’s will never work. Allowing the Ego the microphone way to long. Step aside Ego I am safe. Chicken little sit down and quit pecking. Your an Eagle for god sakes. Fly. Stop picking and pecking. Oh I am nailin it. love yourself. If you are gay. Love your gay self. If you are yellow. Love yourself. If you are feeling ugly. Love yourself until the whole world believe in your unique beauty. Self love is contagious.

Be stuck on yourself and then treat folks like you treat yourself. That’s key. Because do you want to be alone? We came here to join and live with one another. But we are all one and the same with different costumes. Like a mascaraed party. And more people need to know all their homes it’s cus it’s spoiling the fun. Jesus. How much blood do we really need here? Hmm? Answer that one genius. We ain’t never gonna have peace until we make peace with the animals one way or another. And they. Like Jesus being slaughtered instead of sacrificed. There is a difference between the two. One is holy. The other is worthless and we have problems feeling good about ourselves? Might want to look at that a minute and stop being a doubting Thomas. K? Bo?

I’m sitting at a cluttered table in a garage just putting it all together here with my brain and my fingers. Like a damn puzzle. Anyone even see it? Or should I keep calculating for you? It’s a big picture. I mean microscopically cool. But macroscopic is amazing. Everyone’s got their len focused on the shit in the field and can’t see the flowers growing up out of it cuz they zoomed in way to much in the brain. Ya got to pan out!! Pan out! Fan out!! Isn’t that a broadband? Signal? Hmmm? Yeah? Go higher. What is the air representative of? Mind space. Frequency’s. Connectivity. Yeah. Going deep here and high all at the same time. What’s that? Expansion. Consciousness expanding inside your brain right now as you read this. For new programming to flood in and kill only what’s no longer need. Buddy. Sissy sue. Lindy Lou hoo.

I mean if grinch can grow his heart? how many sizes bigger? Wow! Imagine now. The mind. Why not! I say why not go there where no one has seemed to put it together like this. Yeah. A woman. Sitting at a table poking the phone putting it together in front of the world. My my my Linda Lou. Switch board Annie. No gun needed. She got a mind of her own and mouth on her and she uses it when needed. My Mama let me

Into this world with a warning on my head. Be good or be dead. Now fancy don’t let me down. I’m moving you up town. And I guess she did. Cus they might have tried to call me poor write trash. But Be-Linda Jeans my name. It’s in my name who I am. Two woman twisted up together who never have met inside of me. And that’s beautiful. And dangerous. 😳🤣🤣🤣❤️🥰

As a feather in the brain. Dusty out the cobwebs. 🤣🤷‍♀️💃💃🙀✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

Check. Doubly double check. 8 infinite check mates. The game of life is the game of life. Life is in the game. Death is your sad change of the rules dudes and dudetts. Not mine. And the children? Be wanting the rules to be reset to the proper setting hello! Think I’m just up here talking about me like you do. With no pint at all? I’ve got so many pints it staggering. Two Mothers? well well well. Extra training for this one please and thank you.

Being in looking and feeling like a looser and watch her win boys and girls. They talking about themselves! I know who I am is. I am. I am. So are you you dummies. Wake up. Rules changed. And need to change again so we can have fun instead of all this fighting all day. Traffic? Madness. Starvation. Pollution we make. and don’t want to clean up. Like it’s not just this one or that ones job. We are the keepers. Brother sister. Son. Daughters. All of us are at least one of those if not more. What? It’s never gonna change?

Bullshit it doesn’t change! Global warming my ass crack! Wake up. You all don’t need to keep doing it the same and then just drilling the earth all day cuz you can’t seem to go solar on a global scale cus folks don’t know how to get along and put your heads together and teach your kids to? Come on. Grow up you pain in my ass and lead by example. pain in the earths crust. What up?

Shall I serve you a video so this is more playable? Ha ha ha. Can’t take more then 60 seconds? 🤣🤣🤣 we have gone backwards on that one. Used to be 60 minute. 🤣🤣🤣

I love that I look like I do. Cuz what a left field hook and pull no bunched as I just drop you to the ground. sucker punch. Slam dunk. Home run. Sprint. Swim race. Shoe lace. Without a trace of blood left. Stiff necked. No problem. Whip it out. Twisted back around snap crackle pop. Blood flowing inside a vein of the now living. Once blind. Mental blocks gone. Big picture seer. The buck of all bucks.

But. Are we really willing to love ourselves so Much? Can we go where we have not gone before? Do we believe in love? After love? Life after love. Or can we choose to forget life without love? can we forget life after love. Do we really believe there is life without love or after love? So what’s all this anger about if believe in life after love is bad? Cuz we get attached? And can’t move on? Maybe come around again? Cuz we created covenant and that the only covenant is love? Some mate for life. Some don’t. Is that not in nature. Is god not nature or is god nature? Mature. Grow up. Connect the dots. Tell the truth so help you god. Forgive. Grace is a gift.

What’s is a grudge? If not record keeping? And inhibiting another progression? Deemed unreachable and unchanged. Prison system. A type of church. Worshiping bloodshed and inhibiting men to train to do better. They do worse. Treated like animals and the world wondering why? And the cost. Let’s not tall about the cost emotionally and financially. So many seeking vengeance. Forgetting that their own sins and missed marks are all equal in Gods eyes. Yeah. I went there. We need to go there. I’m so sick of this. Trillions of trillions of trillions of dollars that could be helping them learn their lessons and become Ing model citizen. We fail. Not them. Humanities fails if we do not help a brother out and use grace to forgive.

I don’t want to hear about who murdered whom. And all about your fear. Fear must be faced. Best way to face it is with love. The love you have for yourself is the best weapon. But that’s it. Folks don’t love themselves. We only see a few cases where a person goes to prison and the family goes to see them and forgives them and what? They change. oh god. We can’t have that kind of out break what will the prison guards do for a living? I am sure we or even they would be happy to get another job than that. Talk about ptsd? From dealing with a bunch of animals? Are we even trying?

Charles Manson my ass. How did it get that bad and no one saw it coming? Neighbors didn’t care? No one stopped him. Can’t tell me there were no signs. Signs signs everywhere signs. Well it’s kind of weird but I didn’t want to say anything. Say something!! Like hello. Can I help you young man? I’ve done that to so many people that could have become murderers for my love and time taken to give a shit. About those in the worlds gutter in the mind. Yeah. Treat people like they are worth something which translates into you feel you are worth something. Duh?

Yeah. Go process all that. You’ll be tired after reading this it’s like a steak in the mind being pulled out by a bird. Sending love to cover all our sins and missed marks in all directions of time. Soon. We all will see the affects of this broadcasting of divine interventions of the collective conscious mind. Word smithing. Twisting. Untwisting. Rewire for hire. This is gonna cost you dearly. Dearies. Trillions of trillions of trillions. You will pay gladly to have me.

One thought on “Tell me I can’t play you like a fiddle. if you are reading this read all of this. Or go away looser.

  1. Like my Mama read this all the way through. Sometimes more than once to get my meaning. Losers. My Mama is a scholar. Yeah!! So go away if your not her to win cuz your wasting time you could be loosing sooner. And give it a star. You want me to Star your shit show👊? Or what? Stay connected man. Woman. Dog and cat. If my Mama can read this. Then surely you can. She’s learning. What are you doing? Frontin? She ain’t fronting. She’s changin. Growing beyond her wildest dreams. I’m taking her where she’s never been like Captain Kirk instead of Captain Morgan!


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