Your fault game.

Oh the stories go one and on. While the witch looks on and then. Poof! When will you all learn? Not to yell tales. We all pay a price.

But it isn’t my fault
I was given those beans!
You persuaded me to trade away
My cow for beans!
And without those beans
There’d have been no stalk
To get up to the giant’s
In the first place!Wait a minute, magic beans
For a cow so old
That you had to tell
A lie to sell it
Which you told!
Were they worthless beans?
Were they oversold?
Oh, and tell us who persuaded you
To steal that goldSee, it’s your fault
Yes, it’s you fault
Yes, it is!
It’s not!
It’s trueWait a minute
But I only stole the gold
To get my cow back
From you!So it’s your fault!
No, it isn’t!
I’d have kept those beans
But our house was cursed
She made us get the cow to get
The curse reversed!It’s his father’s fault
That the curse got placed
And the place got cursed
In the first place!Oh!
Then it’s his fault!
It was his fault!
Yes, it is
It’s his
I guessWait a minute, though
I chopped down the beanstalk
Right, that’s clear?
But without any beanstalk
Then what’s queer
Is how did the second giant get down here
In the first place?
Second place?Yes!
Who had the other bean?
The other bean?
The other bean?
You pocketed the other bean
I didn’t!
Yes I did
So it’s your-
No, it isn’t
‘Cause I gave it to my wife!
So it’s her fault!
No, it isn’t!
Then whose is it?
Wait a minute!
She exchanged that bean
To obtain your shoe
So the one who knows what happened
To that bean is you!
You mean that old bean
That your wife, oh, dear
But I never knew,
And so I threw
Well, don’t look here!So it’s your fault!
See, it’s her fault!
And it isn’t mine at all!
But what?
Well, if you hadn’t gone
Back up again
We were needy
You were greedy!
Did you need that hen?
But I got it for my mother!
So it’s her fault then!
Yes, and what about the harp
In the third place?
The harp, yes!
She went and dared me to!
I dared you to?
You dared me to!
She said that I was scared
So she dared me!
No, I didn’t!
So it’s your fault!
Wait a minute!
If you hadn’t dared him to
And you had left the harp alone
We wouldn’t be in trouble in the first place! (well, if you hadn’t thrown away the bean)
In the first place!
Well, if she hadn’t raised them in the first place! (it was your fault!)
(Right! It’s you raised them in the first place!) yes, if you hadn’t raised them in the first place!
You raised the beans in the first place!
It’s your fault!
You’re responsible!
You’re the one to blame!
It’s your fault!

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