Pegged your flesh to a tree

Called paper typed on a small tablet

Sent to the sky

Told the tales

Derailed your rails

Cut off the hair


So fair

The last midnight

Boom splat

She called me a rat

Cloaked in hair

I grew to a beauty

Despite all the cares

Climbing trees like a brother

So he could see me living

The life that he gave me

When he died I kept growing


One day

I’d reach home

To tell you the tales and Unspin all the ravels

And tadle

And kill the beast standing behind you

No it is the beast inside you.

Demanding I slay it

Now take a big breath now

Don’t you just feel all better?

All these letters added up together

Spell freedom

Dear Mother

They call me this time Be Linda

Or Charma. Or Stephanie?

Who cares it’s your daughter

Who’s calling

The shots now.

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