Does anyone know how to read everything?

I wonder? Does anyone just read everything? Or? Can anyone read everything? I take it all in. Use my mind like a net and catch it all. Take it in. Chew it up. And spit out the rest or waste.

Anyone? Do that but me? And my kids throw stuff at me to take in. I take it in. They are my kids. They came from me. So I just take it in. Chew it up. Spit out the waste. Keep moving. Onto the next tidbits. Crumbs. Knowledge is power.

And I’m taking as much as this mind can receive. Why not? Like get that grey matter working. Work the grey matter. Matter the grey areas and they are not grey anymore. They get lite up! Like? What’s it say? Flames of fire on their heads? Downloads from who? The Holy Spirit? Pentecost is not just one day?

Jesus. Worked all day. Night. Day after day. Taking crap from losers that we’re lazy and could feed the brain. People followed him. Not for fish. But for bread for the brain. Knowledge so they could under and who they are in this grand scape. Called planet earth. Who are you? Really. What is real?

Ask yourself? Say it out loud. “Who am I” and look! Right there. I am appears. Hmmm? Never thought about that did ya? I AM, right within your own cloud. Aura. Energy field of intentions. You. The idea conceived brought into human form. For what I ask you? Poke poke poke at your brains? Grey. Matters. It’s not all black and white? Separately? But mixed together.

What. Are you truly scared of I ask? What? Death? Or is it life beyond pain and sorrow? Well you’ve watched me wallow? and did I get swallowed up? Am I dead? No. I am more alive them ever. Cuz dirt is what we are made of and sorts where these body’s go when the ideas is realized. Fulfilled as far as it can go.

So load up. Don’t be stingy. Take it all in and face the fears within the human brain and be expanded beyond your wildest dreams. Tell the dirty truth. Hang out the laundry. Let the wind whip it around and dry you all out after crying. Try it. Go on. Don’t be a chicken. Be. An eagle. Soar as high as your mind will take you. Then take in some more and keep going higher.

Let go. Of deaths hand and dare to live. It’s exhilarating. You won’t regret. No regrets. That’s a life worth living. Dare to have children. Dare to love as hard as your heart will let you. Go. Do. Be.

What. Are you waiting for?

But death. To knock on your door. Well if your out living then death will have to find you now won’t death? Yeah. Never thought about that? I’d rather die living then dying inside for lack of whatever I couldn’t find. screw all the labels. Those are for cans filled with food for those still thinking well run out. Of what? I ask you? Dooms day announcements daily by old chicken little soup labels.

Hmm? Well. If you can’t live. Then why the hell did you even come here? Like you bought a ticket? You came to be in a stable? Labels a hospital? What’s changed at all? Labels. Lingo. Translations. Babble. King James grew up and now talks hip hop, Chinese American slipnots. Spanglish. Bebop. Jazz. Hillbilly nonsense. Reach it here. Jerk a blister up on it. OOOUUU. Learn it all.

Like either your safe in gods hand or not at all.

You pick. You’ll get what you pick. Cuz like attracts like after all.

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