12:58 AM full moon

Have I done enough?

Will this spell end soon?

Have I followed the recipe to banish the evil?

Can I go home now?

Dearest Father and Mother to myself

Have I called back all my own powers?

I lent you so long ago

After you gave your dear gift away

Sent away, alone

Not realizing,

There are always strings attached

When you signed a contract using my blood for ink


Which is now better?

Obedience or to sacrifice

A baby

And make them pay for what God brought together

You sent away

Must I keep going?

When can I stay?

If only awhile

You strayed

It’s was not I

I. Just followed

To find and lead you back

Out of the woods


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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