Like. My Mama might act all fine and dandy

But? I’m not gonna act fine and dandy when all my kids ain’t lined up like they ought to be. No

That’s not me. That’s. Not. The Mama you signed up under. K. I lost mine at birth. And that. Was the worst feeling ever. Going on. Trying to live my life. Without her. Hurt like hell.

And. Unlike my kids? I am leading by example and USING MY GOD DAMN WORDS TO EXPRESS MYSELF LIKE I TAUGHT YOU TO DO. EVEN TO ME.

If y’all can’t stand up and speak to me like I am showing you I am doing to my own Mamas? Well?

What the hell are you here for? Disrespect the light? That’s a no no. Disrespect me? That’s a no no.

I know what you all did. Can you see what I did? What my Mamas did? And can you even. Represent?

Let’s me ask y’all this? What’s this. Yeah this that I have been painting at for days and days? Saying about you? You all choosing? That’s not what I choose? Like y’all grown up. And this is how it is?

This is really how it is? Did I go back to my Mama? Yes I did. Do I love her? Yes I do. Am I mad as all hell? Yes I am. Am I hiding in some room with a stranger? No. I am not. I’m in the World Wide Web representing all Mothers.

You think you got it so bad with all the labels? Try. Honey to do it with no labels. Then? Maybe you’ll understand what the past means to all of us.

Try that. Yeah. I am that white chick saying it all out loud and writing my letters in your faces. Don’t even.

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