How? Did I know I was a writer?

I. Am obsessed with pen. Paper. Paper paper and more paper. Books? Not so much. My stories way better than any book.

But? Movies? The imagination set to visual. Theatrical. Watching into the woods right now. There’s so much to learn from? The witch.

She’s so shocking. So wickedly witty with her words taken so literally by those around her? That’s can’t seem to manifest a baby out of thin air?

Who’s the witch in my story? So many twists and turns? The narrative scrapping the nerves raw. Which way do we go? Into the woods. Round the mulberry bush? Red roses. Lopping Off men’s heads. oh my! Who’s who around here?

That’s. The hook. Now. I must do my learning and more yet more researching the crime called Mother with eyes in the back of her head. How does she do it? Oh? She’s me? How do I do it? Oh me oh my?

How do reverse a curse? On a house in three days she says? Greedy hormongers. eating cabbage patch babies? Throwing stones. At who? Who’s fighting with whom? Who knows how this will end? Or will it end? Going round and round. All around towns on the planet.

Take it for granted. Making the mother act ugly? Then calling her a witch with a B. are you now listening to me? Hmm? Let’s see I’ll need a toad then travel down the road. Get some shrooms to mix with the dirt? Oh yes. It’s gonna hurt.

But the baby will make it all feel better? Or did she? I can’t keep up. Wish I may wish I might? Have my wish I wish tonite? No matter who gets caught in the way. Not even a baby. I must have what I wish. Come now come what may.

One woman’s wants what she wants and the other wants what she has to go. Oh no. Which way do we go? Into the woods to find the child all grown up looking like a crone. Oh my oh me. What shall come to be? What a mix of so much emotions. All those potions calling on the magic to give me what I wish. No matter.

So what she lost a mother who don’t want her? Here have another. Live as an orphan Cinderella. The palace in not here. It’s in the woods under a tree where you wish and dream about your one true Mother and family.

Red riding hood fables. Wolves eating grandma stealing the food and the table. Only to die at the hands of a baker. Johnny Depp good looking like such a delicious morsel. Stealing flesh to save his own. Did she listen to her own Mother on the road to grand Mother? His words all twisted and whirling. Such a devil.

Oh shall I rift all day? Back to the movie. Enough of these riddles. Dummies can’t read.

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