Dearest Chelsie and Mama.

How are you doing? Everyone here’s doing fine. Thank you. Angela’s doing well and is getting her thyroid on track. David’s wielding. He’s thinking about moving to sac and taking a well paying job.

I’m doing ok. I’d be better if I heard from ya every now and again. But hey. You do you boo. Like I could ever teach you shit. That’s evident! But. I’ve tried my beat to advise. You either take it or you leave it. Most of it got left out in left field ville but hey. I’m just a Mother.

Isn’t that right Mother? Just some dumb breeder who didn’t know no better? Right? Seems that Mothers do take a lot of scape goating don’t they? Well. I see what ya tried to do. And I saw how happy your were about it. What you want me to do about it?

You met Chelsie. It’s not all my fault. She’s got choices too. And she chose the paths she took. Just like I chose the lathes I took. I took my children to church. All they saw there were Hippocrates? Hmmm? Maybe cuz I was preaching a way better sermon? Like really working the principles?

And then. I just quit. They didn’t wanna go to church Mama? Seemed they knew it all. So. I just gave them to God and let them do whatever. They were doing whatever behind my back anyway? Like I could feel it? Please.

Mothers these days don’t get any credit unless it all smelling like roses. But roses need shit. Manure. Or they don’t bloom. Isn’t that right? Look it up. Planets need shit to grow good. So. I let them deal with their own shit. No nagging. No pleading. Just hard tough love coming at ya.

They know it all? Who am I? Just some breeder who had no, career? Seem Mother is not a vocation? Hmmm? Could have fool me? Every woman’s rocking each nation but we are the dummies?

You can’t tell me? You can’t even see it all around even you? Like? I’m writing it all out as plain as I can to show you I get it. And I am acting for all I am worth to show you an entertaining presentation. Of what it’s like being a Mama. I kept all of mine. Where are they? Do they give a shit about what I want? Unity? Hell no?

To busy to give the original trainer the time of their day? Treat me like a looser? Ha! I’ve leveled up and they flying low. I know and Mama Jean knows what I am capable or of. Do my children? Do they even see me? Flying over head? Watching them tank? Can they make there beds? And lay in them like we do?

Training wheels are off. Are they even appreciative that they got a bike from a tired old lady? Like me? All angry and spouting like a volcano? Do they even read this here blog like you? Ha!

Well well well. Lookie loo. Yeah. I am hard as nails and soft as a blanket. But ya got to take care of both of those tools or someone else will. Like I’ve said before. I hate this. I hate all the ideas that keep us apart and it’s war on the brain to fight for your heart.

All means necessary to pull you out of whatever this funk is. No man or woman left behind. Do ya hear me? Read me. Whatever. Sending up prayers and blowing up bombs. Rattling the cages from days long gone. Confronting demons. Who’s? The whole family’s that’s who’s.

Ain’t you even done spiritual warfare in public? I do. All day talking folks off ledges and cliffs. Reminding them of Gods love and showing them the demons live in the head.

My little

Chelsie all grow up and can’t even call me and make up? Wow. She can really dance. Wow. She can really dance. Who are any of us if we can’t give the devil her due? Mamas got be everything the man ain’t willing to do. Right? Right.

Like I’m coming at it from so many angles folks can’t even keep up? But maybe you? You feel me? Maybe you? How can you give up hope when hope floats and won’t drown in any puddle?

Where you at Chelsie? I know I taught you to face things head on. Cant face me? your not gone. Your just running on fumes honey. Mine. Acting like a fart in the wind!! You are my kin! And that should matter? Have you learned nothing? From your own Mother raised by another who’s fight with hers on a blog? Seriously? Sooooo soooo. Yeah you. Cindy Lou who? Whatever.

Best get yourself together. Cuz this Mother’s danders up. and I. Mark these words am praying for you. Go higher honey don’t linger down lower. Cuz I can’t stay here much longer in the gutter waiting on you. Yeah. All y’all.

Think I even wanna have to spank your ass in public? But I will! Why? Cuz I am Mother!! No higher calling! My Mama shares her duties with another! God damn this bullshit! I’ve been telling on you and you know it. Yes. You do. Bow to the Lord and moon the queen? Oh hell no said the father of all Fathers who my King.

Just plain old frontin. Cuz I’m real. Raw. Untamed. And a god damn good Mama. Trained by two. You better believe. Or your gonna loose honey. Put that in your cigarette and smoke it. Yeah you.

I can run circles around all three of you with my eyes closed. Think your fooling me? I own the streets like every other Mama on the planet. Do you even see? You better rearrange it. And back yourself down. No getting out of it. You look like a clown. Do you want a lollipop cuz my Mama let you show her your ass? Oh please. She playing you like a queen.

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