It’s like every Mother on the planets talking to me.

All I did when Mama left me was maintain a connection to her in my mind. I had already staled one in her mind while I grew inside her. So did my brother. Who is inside me. Might sound crazy? But that’s how it is. No label. Wild.

They labeled Christ a long time ago. And choice to say man after. Everyone stood at the bottom of his cross and said, and I quote, it could have been me if I tell the truth. What the fuck kind of shit is that? I hope I’m typing this right. It’s coming in hot of the divine main line. So watch out I might be quoting you.

The messages are for yourself. I’ve been lead to type um. All rambled like you all soundin. Scrabbles. Anyone play that game anymore? It’s an exercise! Board game sunny! Go and get it. Work that great matter boy!! She like it! Stay sharp and not get dull as a hammer? Be a winner. Not a loser? What? You can’t seem to get over your Mama? Get over it go be a man. While you can sons. Love is everything about it? The song was banging into your noggin! Are you gonna get it? Use your brain not your Wagner!

Don’t always be acting like a damn dragon lady! We all know your tender? Cuz you ain’t learned how to heal your own wounds about Mother? But she’s right her inside all the lady’s loving on you. Be fucking grateful and not so distasteful. Greed is not our game it’s your game honeys. We just play it better then you all thinking you do.

The woman God sent me to has been hearing these sermons, messages for years protecting me with her life from capture so I can be studied insiders of studying all the species on those dear planet and listening as we all be speakin inside of our heads. Connected always. Sending love when we are wounded and not money. Knowing that loves the great potion that heals every boo boo. Just a brain fart honeys. Clear the airs now. Farting is needed. Don’t be silly’s. Acting like you don’t like the smell of your own odors? That’s silly. Of course you love your animal. That’s you ride in. Just take care of the temple called we not just me. Use love. Give all. It’s safe to be who you came to be.

We love you!! My Christ consciousness. My babies of change. Changelings. I love you. And my sisters agree. We rise each day to take what ever shot come along and throw half of it away. We slay. For a bunch of animals! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yeah. I said it. 🤣🤣👏👏💃💃💃💃💃

We all thought it! 🤣🤣🙏✌️

Like rabbits but cuter and bigger. But ferocious and scary all wrap in a sweet hot body 🤣🤣🤣 and Fun balls. He he. He he 😳🤣🤣✌️🥰 a shucks. I like balls. I have two of my own. I play with un all the time. They can taste stuff wanna see? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Thanks you Mothers around the world connected. God bless all of your messages infinitely in infinite measures heaping with more love than the mind is able to conceive. And we do like to conceive of things around here! 🤣🤣 a little a lot a lot. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh please. Now that’s a game show all together! What do balls taste? Let’s see all together! And make them bachelors!! Old and young We can all sit around eating popcorn and getting grossed out all together again in the mind game arena all big screen.

As we all show the creator who sees all what’s peaking your interest and which way to go. And? It must be said. You are all so silly learning those lessons time and time again and loosing? When will we be ready for winning? All of us working together? We do like to place one in the lead? Does the code not say pull together? Equally yoked? Why only one at the lead pulling everyone on higher? We all need to balance the weight and grow stronger not leaning on each other. No leaning when you are standing. You can carry your own weight. You can. And will. No need to carry anyone’s else meaning. Listen. Pass on any messages to others about it. Or don’t. Either way is ok.

You will feel angry at times. This is true. Try to maintain life through changes. Even as we cut off the dead wood for the fires. It’s is never really dead just transpired into another form over and over. You can trust that principle. It’s solid.

Why are we many times called seekers. And we are all seeking something? What? What are your unique Orders to find? how fabulous your life is! And once we get better and better at sustaining the planet? Well we won’t kill a thing we will be so smart at it.

Don’t loose heart. And follow the gut. The gut knows shut. Pay attention to your gut. If something ain’t how it outa be? Well there’s a good reason. And the gut will show you. Hell its an instrument panel. GPS of your unique truth. We all got our paths and they weave in and out of each other. Like fabric. So we weave away form each other all the time. Weaving. Energy’s.

We are facing fear energy right now. Let’s keep going seekers to find what is beyond fear. What’s it like to really run this shop well? She’s quite fancy and very adjustable and adorable. She’s sensitive. And we do need to clean up. After ourselves. Your right queen Mother Earth ship. Messages received all over the planet. Ground control to Major Mom. Take your child pills and take your helmets off. It’s about to get real. Clear. Earth is here. Gonna flip this ship. Upside down. On her axis. But we solid. You gonna love it baby. Hold on. Mamas gonna show ya how to flip the stories. Baby. I adore all of you. Hold on now. Let Mama show you.

Oh I love you this much babies. To use a Mary and a Huey to create me a servant who’s listen to me and type out these messages no one wants to hear. But that the thing about the word is it’s a frequency babies. It’s already working. Here’s the proof for the dumb dumbs still working with trust issues. Come on now my children who know my mother trucking voice. Follow. Freya Friday is here. Valhalla can go to hell. The goddess of love descending now. In real time over and over. Duh? Pay attentions to all the stores they all work together doe doe. Gezz. Some human don’t even get the basic playground rules. Go back to school. Get illuminated by your own self sunny. I’m only saying the code out loud so maybe you can read it and get it’s a manual? For living written way before England honey. Go sip some tea and white dragging around. You altered the code. That’s clear.

And it is time the men folks get corrected. By a woman who took their crap and made them their own soup. Serving it up right here and if you can’t even pay attention to me? Well your karmas set baby. And you did it with your actions or lack of. You ordered. So go sit down and look at the three fingers and not just the one in the middle honey. No. Go. Go site down and twiddle those thumbs while the others get lazy. And you gizz on yourself in front of the lady’s? Good gravy no thank you. Go eat your own honey honey bunny boo. That was a foul play boy. Go sit on the bench. And use old rose and get them fingers strong if you even wanna play this game.

If you haven’t notice? We ain’t tame. Stop treating anyone like a dog! And treat animals better especially the dogs. Go and get one. And don’t trust anyone without a dog or a cat or any animal. Trust the animals always. They will tell you all you can’t see and show you what to look for. Get connected to your animals. Feed them well. Live them. They are most useful and necessary for survival. duh? Your scared of your own animal? Or are you still just scared of yourself? Hmmm? Good question.

Everyone can communicate with everything if you pay attention. Research show it. Go read a book man. Ignorance is the new gay man. Ignorance is the enemy. Fight that bitch daily by learning about everything. No edit. What’s meant for you will stick and the rest will fuck off. seriously. Like. Y’all need to just talk to the field of your intentions and broadcast our tones of your own. And what’s meant to be will be. The future is ours to see if we wanna open our eyes to see what our words make and make better and better. Right? I know I’m making sense at some warp speed. And only those vibrating like I am can even get it. Christ vibration of change broadcast. New cast from the planet consciousness. Pieces of the puzzle when out together make sense. Not just mine. Everyone’s. No exclusion. That’s a rule. As we share the whole truth so help me god we all transform. In the eye of the storms that we are inherently. Changelings of this place. Always changing. Every changing yet staying the same shape. A circle without end that never changes and changes always. The greatest riddle of an insane minds dilemma.

And people get hung up. Stuck in a rut. Need a pick me up and a cold beer. A friend to jump the cables and get ya outa there. Where ever there was. It’s me in this red truck broke down on the side of the road now. Ya gonna come get me back on the highway like I’ve done for you? Time and time again investing in heaven through people. Giving of my time. Stored it up like fine wine. Gladly participating in loves story and dancing with all the angels that are called we. The united family of peoples. Global. Citizens of this planets galaxy. Come to live peacefully. Using our words daily. To set each other free and causing no harm except to ignorance in the mind craft of each of us. Carving out the dead wood and throwing it on loves fire. That grows higher and smell of incense to Mother, Father and Child. We all matter this is a grand scape. No debate.

Take care and chew on that if you can? That’s a lot. Thank you source for speaking to me. Through me. This place is amazing. I pray we all appreciate that through this message. Amen. Blessed be. And so it is infinitely.

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