I guess? My sisters would have never looked back?

They would have just forgotten Mama? Guess? I am different. By the looks of there reaction or no reactions? They would have just went on and done nothing. Guess that’s what I am looking at?

Or have they been conditioned to respond the way they do? To me their sister? Hmmmm? Seems there are glitches in the family dynamic that are of the exclusive nature. Like I’ve got lepresy or something. Sad. When you finally add it all up after living away from those you share dna with. So dim. Pales in comparison to who I am with.

Oops? Guess my Mama didn’t get that memo? Emotionally available? Seems that one just didn’t happen for mine. Cuz I can feel her pain. It’s palpable and written all over her face when I come around.

What kind of Christian? Denies their own child? My Mama. That’s who. Seems she can’t shift a gear to save her own soul. I’m happy about a lot of things. But I’m not happy about that. Nor the fact that my own child denies me now too. It’s like a disease she’s given to my own child cloaked in frosting with sprinkles just like she likes it.

Adoption is not really the responsible thing to do when you’ve deemed yourself unworthy of your gift. It’s the cowards way. I would not have said that when I was younger. But now having really looked at my roots I can see they are moldy and brittle and that I am graphed you a love tree trying to feed them nourishment. While my Mother roots shews me away as if to say let me die in peace. Peace? You have no peace of you can’t accept me.

I’m not the kind of person you deny or treat badly. I’ll go above your head straight to the top of a mountain and tell it so you can see your actions and others can too. I write letters and tell companies when they missed the mark so they can fix it. Why should my own Mama be treated any different? Way off the mark

Honey. And I’ll do all in my power to set it straight. That’s not me. That’s you. All on you. Cuz I came home just to find you acting like some Christian when your a wolf in a costume parading around eating children, mine! Alive. No. No. No. I don’t think so sweetie. You got the wrong bitch.

And my baby girl gonna see who her Mama is! Yeah. And she gonna see her worth is way more than you even can comprehend!! I’ll go to any length I got to to set her straight and banish your lies from her head!! how dare you!! She’s been washed in the blood of my tears before she even came to play your games! Shew! She devil you! Off my child! I kept her and you don’t get to take her!! Like how dare you lead her to believe somethings wrong with me? Like seriously. You insane girl.

Hey hey hey! Notice! Read all about it! My Mama be insane she got her brain in the drain. My baby’s daddy fought for me. So? Like attracts like sister. Don’t mess with my child! As if you could. I’ll take you out no need to fight. Oh. But I’ll fight your crazy ass all day so she can see how to deal with a shel devil woman who’s insane. Set that woman straight.

As if giving me away was not bad enough? You get a second chance and piss in your own breakfast. Wow! Guess you need to see what a real woman taught me? Well listen up your days are numbered. Says it right in that book you readin. The audacity!! And nerve! You on my last nerve and need to get the hell out of my child’s brain! Ha! Think you got it all together do you? Hmmm! You a mess. Messing with mine. Mama Jean taught me about what love is and you ain’t even. Even. No. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Jezabel. Twister. I’m on to you.

And you now know it’s true. Hooked up to Gods mainline while god tells me all about you. Sitting in a garage just taking it all in. Crouching for this win. Yo se lo que tu hiciste. I know what you did.

And my sisters tell me your whole truth.

Lier and Mother of it. Working for the father of lies. How many woman have you lead astray? Lead them to abandon their own? Hmm? Yeah. You Linda Marie. All on you. Good luck praying yourself out of that shit without me.

You can kiss my ass. While I walk away. I’m the one lesson you never learned girl. You ain’t no woman doing me like this.

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