Don’t deny the products Of the equations. Added too. 10:31 pm after published.

We must all accept what’s been added.

You can’t blame your equation on anyone else

Just your parents

And we know they ain’t wrong

1+1=3. 2 with one always in the middle. Fiddle diddle. We were all born this way. Changin. Rearranging the furniture around here. Showing our true parents we learned the lessons

About changin

The scenery.

Back to heaven

So with in. So wothout

Like a strict like.

Like me now

Like tiurself

Don’t hurt tourself

Denying me

I’m just like you

My costumes different

See me

Hear me

And find yourself

In me.

I’m there.

Right hetw

Calling out to myself

Just like you

Boy. Girl. Animals.

We all the same just different costumes.

Message received. I’m anyone. I am someone is the answer to yourself. You are the key to opening your own doors while other watch and learn how.

Well I am listening!!!!! I’m answering this distress call!! Hello!! I am here! Listening!! Keep going!! You are heard even if not seen but in my minds eyes.

Your not stupid cuz you sing. Everyone listening. Especially me.

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