The truth a Bio mom asks

So hard seeing people struggle. But this woman’s trying. I’ll give her an A+++ for even tweeting such an honest thing. Thank you for being real. This is what we all are looking for. Not all of us get it.

My mama has lied so long she can’t even see the truth. Makes me sick. Angry. Sad.

She could read my face but she’s rather read a book. Guess? She can’t take the truth now she’s rather interpret a lie.

Well? She can skat is that is how it is. I’ve taken enough lies. I’m no lie. And I’m not push over that’s for sure. I’ve put up with so much confusion, she can live in her rotten Old Mother Hubbard cupboard.

It really is an eye opener to see your own Mama in her insanity while all you want is the truth that she can’t even remember cuz she’s clogged up with lies like a toilet bowl.

The devil got her. And she like it.

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