Blogging is so formal. Here’s some random up in here. how about that Martha Stewart!!

And this!!! Oh yummy.

These are so darn cute!! these cookware pieces got me going insane!! I want. To bake!

Oh my goodness. So pretty. And functionally off the charts. A must have for me at least. How about you? Any thoughts about this? Perfect for tea parties. I do feel it’s time for tea and whiskey dates with friends. Cookies and yummy little things. Or big. Whatever you prefer. Get together where we use full sentences and we make our faces the emojis. No pressing a finger except for stirring. No buzzing. No ringing except glasses ringing together. Ting tinging.

And laughter. Stories beginning tragic and ending victorious. Where we set at the edge of our seats while children play at our feet listening to all the Lady’s glory days stories. Quiet as mice. Hearing while they clink the ice laughing at dear old daddy’s. Pappy’s. and all the antics of mice and men running the houses, raising the spouses. Or so they say in close quArters lady’s boardrooms. Eating salads and deserts galore. Maybe from scratch not a store. Now that’s telling? To those young lady’s growing. Better cook girl of you gonna keep a man of your own one day? He’ll stray. That’s true. But he’ll always come back home to you honey.

Pussys come a dime a dozen honeys. But your good cookings is gravy. Sustainable maintaining. And if it’s full proof. He won’t roam at all!! Always come home for whatever your serving darling. Hook line and sinker. You’ll not just catch um, you’ll land um, everyday for dinner and that gravy. He’ll gladly lay down on your platters however many. And buy you even more if you want them. Yelling take me in the kitchen baby!! More gravy. More everything baby!!


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