What is justice.

Libra. Is justice. Libra gets justice. What does the word justice mean?

Definition of justice

1a: the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments meting out justicesocial justiceb: JUDGEa supreme court justice—used as a titleJustice Marshallc: the administration of law a fugitive from justiceespecially : the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity a system of justice2a: the quality of being just, impartial, or fair questioned the justice of the their decisionb(1): the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action(2): conformity to this principle or ideal : RIGHTEOUSNESSthe justice of their causec: the quality of conforming to law3: conformity to truth, fact, or reason : CORRECTNESSadmitted that there was much justicein these observations— T. L. Peacock

This is Chelsie Lynn. The one who came from me but is not exactly me. She’s extra. Extra extra. Read all about it. Kind of extra. Yeah. I see it. She deserve her recognitions. Alone with a spot light on just her. I’ve been eating her grow. Thinking she’s all alone. No Mama watching👻

Praying like a crazy bandit for God that she is. Calling all the blessing on on her. A better life than she experienced because I took the hit to show her how not to do it. Reverse psychology I think they call it? 😳 and she fell for the bait and did they opposite. Your welcome. Not needed. Demanded from Higher mothers in lowly places I followed around watching them do it wrong and caught on real quick to learn how to do it. Right. And how to get back up and flip your hair and check your nails if you fall hard knowing all the other lady’s be hoping you don’t stay down honey. Make us all look silly.

This little sister is a sister I remember everyday. Every breath. No lying. Or even trying. She staying right inside my head with all my mementos. every tear. Every special moment. All the laughter in jars and jars upon thare. Neatly arranged inside my head in the room I keep them. Imagination. It’s an addiction I don’t regret one bit! And I live by every word that proceeds out of the mouths of Gods all day. As we all grow and go higher in our thinking.

I’m proud of Chelsie Lynn Vargas. She’s a hell of badass, no shit taker not even from Mother. She passed the test without even looking. She’s the answer. Well done girl. We done. You were listening weren’t you? Who needs to hear when you got way more senses that feed the brain information. Like I am so darn proud of you. I knew you stand against me. And that we both would win. Standing side by side. Welcome to the sisterhood. We need woman like you in this world. And I am damn happy, I spread my legs and invites you in. You. Are worth any pain darlin. I’d pay double, hell infinity for your love.

It’s worth it. Winner winner chicken dinner right here. YES. IM YELLING AT THE TOP OF PAYCHE CAFE IN THE SKY ROOF TOP TONITE ABOUT MY CHELSIE!! LYNN!! GAYHEART!! My daughter!!!! She just amazing. And I visit her daily inside my mind wandering around remembering her touch, her smile, her jumping me and making me laugh. Yeah. I’d pay with my life laid on the streets in the air for her. Get up on some online soap box and tell all. For her saving grace of a love. Each child is precious in their own way. There is no comparing apples with bananas and oranges. We are all fruits of some kind. But Chelsie hits a spot no one can. That’s special when you didn’t realize that spot was even there. That’s what children are to me. Special. They hit the spots we miss. And I wanted her bad enough to give up my life and body to have her on my team, in my life to have and hold and love always. 💋

Libra. Balance. She bring balance to me. Whether she here or not. Physically. I sense her spirit always around me even if she’s busy doing other things. And that’s the magic of pure love. It’s like some phone line of feelings to draw from when life’s feeling thin. Deposited by your efforts loving and praying for your offspring. Spring offs. It just keeps multiplying as time goes by. Everyday there more waiting to be taken. Like medicine. I wish people realized this aspect of the brain dealing with imagination more.

It’s so therapeutic. Without electronics needed. I don’t know maybe I practiced to much? Guess I’m ahead? It works. And telling what you see to others really is fascinating. As they pick up on the story lines that apply and we sink up. Amazing fun. Tell folks ahead of time. Like a sneak peek and them watching there eyes as it happens? Wow! Laying it out frame by frame for review and changing as you go. Story tellers Magic’s.

What’s is perfection if not Imperfection in motion. What is perfection? Are we all created equally perfect? Yes. But there some people that you must watch in motion for a while to see. Truly see the magic they possess. Chelsie magic is stupendous. Love it. Love it love. I know why her man married her even better than she! Well? Maybe? 😳


A+++. Daughter. Your a 20. Tens just way to low. 💋

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