This reading reading our life story.

Time to change the stories inside the minds of three woman who are winners getting it right.

Just cuz Adoption rules lies acting like they even knew me? A customer. Thats adoption problem now. As I break it all down to show ya. What’s what. Who’s is who’s. Mine. Yours. Whoever. So we can see clearly what happens.

Like no more of this he said she said. I’m tell it. I’m living it. This adoptee life. You don’t get to mess with my play script. go get your weave split. And put it on the black card list. You need to keep up with me and stop telling me to slow down. Go around again. Like get with it. This shots changing around here on 5G. Mode. Up in the atmosphere here. Some gangster ass niggers say I talk to much. Ig norance. Is futile in the land we call free while we making everybody pay for it. God dog it. Hog it. Hogging it. All the blessings. Need to share that shit. Pray that shit in. Ask. Seeek. Knock and the doors will be open once you ask directions and seek to find the door?

Hello!? What you stand there for? Pray it in. Don’t stop till it’s on your front door step. Whatever it is! Go on. Nike just do it! Waffle ironing out. Make millions. Run around in them bad ass shoes made from a Mamas groove maker in the basement. Hot iron. Curl your toes while you walking to bank in those Sunday clothes.

Get your head up Mother. Did she say olive branch? Now that’s the third time. Two before came from me. Bingo bango. Arrangatango all sides needed to make this triad work and where are you? Hiding for fear? Boo hoo. Dry the tears look up who’s coming? Me. With three. Father Son and Holy Mama spirit of the ages. Full of love. Yeah Gods draining your pool so we can fill it back up and have a party. Surely your not to old to party? Stiff neck it. Wreck it. Buzz killin fools. Loose. Don’t do that now.

Now just hang in little Mama let me do my moves and get those wires all in the right grooves. I got you? Stop worrying. Th ate the wrong direction. Come here now. Before a yank a blister cus your moving. We stuck like chuck girl. We glued at the hip and inside the head girl. Solid. You just hurting yourself. Try not to hurt yourself. Your only lying to yourself. When you try to lie to me. Gods no pushover? Sept over the edge of some cliff hanging. While the nets there to change you. Cuz your stuck and need a helicopter move like Owen Wilson begins the Enemy lines in your mind fool.

Don’t act so proud till we’ve won yet. Cuz you gonna fall on that white dress. We got to win first. Get our lines all rehearsed for the new show bits a smasher. Full of crying and laughter. Gonna wow them. Whoever they are. What is real is what we now say is real girl.

Here. Let me rub that stiff neck with some holy lotion. Work the kinks out. Get the junk out. So we can show our clout. And buy a great big house for all ya people. With a big ole table. Or a new one no matter. It’s what we serving up. Fishing up. Dishing up. Little Mama. I know you got the recipe. Now use it to redirect the heat. Cook it. I’m cooking. Ain’t gonna come empty handed to Mamas table now take forever granted. She’s is the table standing. Pot luck supper now. Bell ringing loud now. She’s about ready. Holding that grub steady.

I know your hanging on a thread right now. That thread is me. I’m solid girl baby. I got you. Hanging on my every words. 💋💋

Now listen to this and see yourself Mama. Sing with me. Right now. Singing with me. That’s you. With me. God help anyone who disagrees. Nothing stopping this train of thoughts from coming clean.

Take it in. Chew on that beef. This is me singing to your heart strings.

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