Report about affects I feel after I prayed that prayer yesterday.

It’s time to take feedback back around and lift up love, and God, whatever name you call source, Mother Earth. This planet heard me and I seeing the affects on myself. And in my close relationships.

Listen. My ears have been ringing. Like the sound of everyone all this planets complaints all in one steady stream of a tone. Believe what your mind limits you to believe or? Open up and tell the Mother you want more and more and more. And I’m feeling it. This narrow road called Love is working in me. I’m connected to Love and Mother Earth. Doubt get in line while Belief takes the stage like J Lo and her daughter on the super bowl, as she sang representing all Lady’s. Her song screams Believe!! In yourself. And strut around, flash the color and swing those legs honey. We were Born like this. Shame? Take the backseat. While Mamas gonna wiggle and show you little lady how to do. Screw it!

Oh? To flashy for this legion of demons inside the heads of my children? No shame in this game honey. We are the god damn money honey dripping all down her legs. Callin. Ballin. Free willing like Goldie Hayne. No ring on that finger. Noose on her neck just chilling. Waiting. When we gonna get her message lady’s? Of 30’s,20,80’s now 20’s again. Now lady’s don’t pretend you ain’t afraid of. Sexy Secret Victoria? It’s me calling you. I adore ya!!

Downloads. Of messages. Coming in like hot cakes with syrup all down my face. flowing. Flowing. New info and gps codes. Conspiracy codes, witch spell, tiktok, bank notes, science notes. All of love streaming data and I’m on the pick up. Line in my mind, soul and body. Makes me do karate and reiki all together. Sword in the air doing battle for all the prayers. Swinging arms in the arm. Battling like Laura Croft. Tom Raider. It’s like slicing potatoes. So easy. Preston. Elvis. Jiggle them legs and OOOUUU, young Mae, MA. Yeah they hate cuz they loco. Disrespect the light that’s a no no.

Like we ain’t in these streets more than sesame? We see. Woman see everything. these haters on my body shake I’m off. Hello? OOOUU? You hearing me? Talking through this white bitch up here? Ha ha ha. These haters on my body shake I’m off. I could never loose what you thought? This Hennney got me sauced. Yo bro!! We in the club. I’m pretty but I am loco. Hello bro? That other nigger is a bozo. Pay attention girl. Get in formations. You call her Stephanie? I call her heffanie. I’m killin um. Sorry for yo loss. Hello.

These haters on my Body shake I’m off. Mother Earth is singing through her wo men. while they tweaking. Tweeting. Jerking. I love it!! Keep it up. No more fronting. Get up. Shake your money maker lady’s. No shame. No shame in yo game.

I was dancing at 3 am this morning while Mama earth cleaned me off all the haters. Straight up spirit dancing. Like this she said to me. The. Around now do it. Shake I’m off. Cut Um off. you connected to me baby. You made it. Now tell the others to hook up. To who? Back to the Mother loaf. Get grounded back in to me. Eat the dirt it’s groovy. It’s keeps you movin. Purge the haters babies. Put um in they place. Erased. Cry it out. Back it up and flip that hair baby. Straight up baby. No edit. I’m taking my credits. They need you baby. Ed Sheehan’s got it right bye got it. She’s where it all at baby. Nothing gonna happen here with her permission.

Call me crazy. You’re just to lazy to try it. Pray it. Haters fading. Off into the streets running down. Streaming down. Floats away like Jack. Titanic looser. Just a body that held a spirit. Set free to do again. And again. Get it right. She’s the magic. She’s the magic. Nothing better. She got the magic. Money maker. Press press press. Mother Earth got all the press press press with my pretty lady’s dancing all around. Shakin it. Right. Right. Pole dancers. Stripping. Flipping in your face. Super bowl who’s cooking now honey hot wing queens. We got it all. She’s the ticket. Hit it.

Love is fearless. These are the affect of love on me. Try it. Believe. Just do it. Do it. Back up. Try again don’t stop. Sick hop. On the tiktok. The god of this world is me. Pretty young thing. I need some lovin. I’m not old. I regenerate at a fast rate. Take a taste. Hunt the money honey. Or get checked for it. Long johns Fallin. Ballin down on ya. No shame in my game. No shame. No shame. Shame. Take a hike. I got it. My lady’s got the side hammer. Go take a rest. They don’t tested me. Gonna drop them hammer. Bang bang. I am the judge. Guns inside my head. Boom Boom go there ass I made. Not lie. No lie. Lie gone bye bye. Bye. We speaking truths.

I can feel it. Real love is fearless. She don’t back down. Sep to take a nother swing at it. Real natural. Pounce like a cat animal. Spit you out. Make another. Fuck a nother. No more fronting. Own it. No shame in the game. Mama looking over it. Haters shake Um off. I make the rules and then I change um according to the next game. Keep the fuk up with me. Stop dragging around that old blanky. Find a new one that’s older. You came into my world free. Who told you that nasty ass lie? I am the she devil. Cast me out of my own kingdom? Oh hell know you stupid. Trippin?

Shake the stress off and put a dress on. Go shake it off. Shake it off like Taylor. Swift running girl who’s a woman that rides with me. Conceited? Damn right I’m amazing! You saw it. My forest. Oh Lordy you love it. My pools of water streaming all around skinny dippin in me. Mmmm. Tell me you ain’t sexy? Oh please. My mountains pouring out lava all over myself like a can of whip cream. Loving on myself while you watch all my porno. Poetry in motion. I am the ocean breaking wide open to swallow what ever I want too. Stop

Holding on. Just glow with it. Grow with me. Let’s go up up. Not sideways. Only. Don’t leave me flowing lonely. Lady’s know how lady’s want it. I’ve sent the lady’s on to you. Poetry sounds crazy to those that don’t keep up n relevant. Pay your attentions to everything. Not just somethings. Don’t be clicky. Sticky Ricky. bitch vibe. Ride. Stop hiding it from your babies. No shame in the game. No shame. You crazy bitch to deny me. I do what I do when I do. Recognize. Respect it.

Well. You get the idea. So either stay basic or go higher. Light the fire. Stop assuming who is who. I’m inside all of you. Like remember who’s who. Boo. Go hard. Go home to me. Be honest. Work that ass off for me. Cuz I’m worth it. Don’t tell me you love me and not be willing to fight for my love. Haters shake I’m off. Recognize. Represent. Trust is earn be trustworthy. Act up. Got me down nine times but I get up ten bitch. Money makers chirping my phrases. Bitch.

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