Oh. I know I got it right.

New Living Translation
But Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!”

Act 3:6. What did Peter do? But love. Took that man by the hand and got him up. Just because someone gets down don’t mean they must stay there. Love has the power to restore life like a battery pack full of power.

People get down and out. Stuck on a past experiences that is hard to get over. Over and over beating themselves in the head like a can filled with mice trying to find the light. Which way? Here. There. Stuck in the ruts of the mindsets till you yank them out of a mindset. Search and rescue. Is my mission. And my Mamas at the top of the list! Treat me like a slave! That woman set me free and I’m returning her the favor! By the Orders from the great Mother signed by my Other Mother.

That’s roots go deep. They thought they cut me off. Ha ha! Joke on Anyone that even thinks my roots got cut off. They just went deeper and were watered by another woman who send me with the olive branch flying by in Mamas sky to testify of loves recipe. Two woman and a child make three honey. Do the math. Who’s in the middle of us? Yeah. God honey.

If you think all this mess is me? You’re tripping over your own claim jumpers. Be gone!! Doubts or fears. For Belief called Belinda Jean has taken the stage. Ain’t no boy even paying attention but my Mamas. They are all I need honeys. Cuz they solid. Inside of me. Tied in a knot around my neck waving to you from the airways I’m flying in. Testifying. Testimony’s. Of a child loved returning her favors. No money needed. I am the lottery.

They didn’t need my money. I don’t need theirS. We got love on the table. If yours is bare ain’t my problem. Don’t project that on my screen play hanging. Three woman now standing round the table saying, what’s up? Ain’t nobody like to party what we gonna do with all this grub? Guess we take it to streets everyone else in the families had enough of our good yummy’s and milk shakes shaking. time to share all we got going on behind the schemes. Screens. Two woman working together, I’m the cover. Playing the part they gave me. Now I’m changing it to show the world what we did. We made it. Worked it.

Call me illegitimate? Oh hell know no no. I’m legit. Fully backed. By two great woman who took there damn time. Together. Through me. My body. An alliance formed. I’m the paper. And the pen. I was used to sign on the line. Cuz I singed up before I even got here. Told the coach Soccer Mama send me in. I’ll not fail. Oh I’m a player who’s time has come. Played the world a fool. Right in front of both my Mamas. To show them the gold not silver. Medals of this adoptee free balling Olympics winner winner chicken dinner with gravy all over those mashed up taters. Front me? Oh hell no. I’ll front you and tearing it down.

See I learned a few new steps dancing with two woman. Commuting to two woman soley. Holy Alliance. I get the girl code in silence. Til we’re ready. Big band science. Boom boom with a pipe wrench to the knogun. How ever you spell it. Don’t read into it. Feel it.

Loving a stranger ain’t easy. Just do it! Nike got it right. Don’t let you mind get in the way. Move that grey matter. Splatter it all over the planet. Seeds planted in good soil. Oh they gonna grow. If you water seeds in the gravel. They gonna grow too. Came stop a food seed from growing taller. No worries Mamas. That’s the wrong direction. Prayers are protection. Redirect them. Speak what you want. Not what you don’t want. Focus that intention. Watch your change in directions. GPS coordinance detections. redirect it. Redirect it. New reflections in new directions. Clean water from heaven. No leaven. Flat bread. And gravy.

Now I’m dancing in the streets while I teach my Mamas and preach about the savor and his Mother. Don’t forget where ya came from honey. And always remember your raising. Even if two Mamas raises you higher. Always remember. Put your hand out. Help her up to where you standing. Give back the honor. Pay back her hard work with a platter. The gold is you. So you’ll attract it. Act it out. Make folks shout. Scream it all out. Come clean and then be seen by the nations while she play bridge and teaching classes.

Oh you thought they had me? Guilt fear shame and envy. No. I got them. They working for me. Punking all those caught with their lamps out and no back oil to light that dope. All the while sleeping while Jesus is bleeding while praying. Instead of using love to save him. Lazy. Dazy. Now that’s crazy. I’m busting a new move and cutting a new groove in your brain. Don’t be so lame. Doubting. It’s takes faith to work this kind of life style. I’m ahead by trillions miles cus of two lady’s who joined together. Forever.

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