Monday meaning.

.. The name of Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday, originally a translation of Latin dies lunae “day of the

A lunar day is the period of time for Earth’s Moon to complete one rotation on its axis with respect to the Sun. Due to tidal locking, it is also the time the Moon takes to complete one orbit around Earth and return to the same phase. A lunar month is the period between two New Moons.

We are 20 days before the lunar moon is new. 5 days until the next full moon cycle. Completion. So. 15 days until we are fully new. Focus. Tell your critical mind that I’ve got it from here. Shhhh. Go take a nappy poo. Trust is established. Infinite connection that you now recognize inside your mind. Me. Talking in that head now and forever. My programs completely installed on that hard drive!! Pretty Mama! Deprogram. Reprogram. Completely all new software. Under this little apples. Are warranty love child. Mama. You pay way more than you thought you did. This warranty is no infinite.

What’s that mean? Total overhaul of the main frame. What’s the mainframe? Our ancestral, genetic, dna programming. Karma baby. Charma at your service. They call me Belinda Jean. I’m a Stephanie not a heffanie. OOOUUU. I could never lose. What you thought? Drag your fine ass out that grave!! Talking all crazy like take me take me!! Oh I heard that one! I was like Oh Hell no!! This bitches trying to die bro? Oh hell no. we ain’t done bro. Lizzo ain’t the fat lady you thinking. She winking for the next one and the next one. The end ain’t no day bro. We grow. We end it. We grow. We end it. We move. We ended it. We ain’t befriending it. Later! Tater salad. We going higher. We are fliers. For higher mindedness. Aviators of the creator. The fly by nighters. Red riders. All nighters. Midnighters.

If your man ain’t watching you backdoor then the backdoor man gonna take care to take care of back door honey. He gonna protect your so you can rest honey. In peace and quiet. Cuz he’s a midnighter. Red rider. All nighter. He gonna fed the babies. Will you rest my lady. I got plan later for you baby. Go on. Rest. I got your front and your back baby. We gonna make some more babies lady cuz I love you. Get right now baby. Get it right now ladies. A good man. That’s what your looking for. One who shows up and mops the floors. you don’t need a baby. All lazy trying to steal you nipples and hang on um.

Look for the one who prefers steak baby. Don’t take a rake now honey. If he ain’t telling the truth he’s lying. Stop trying. To tell yourself he’s gonna. He ain’t gonna til you show him that door. And push him through it he gonna loose it. And want you back. Be ain’t gonna roll like that. No no sir. Kindly get off me. Like go a grow up little baby. I’m a woman I play with babies like that I need a real man. Not some fronter stealing candy from his Mama back door? No no no. Better act right. And approve me proper. Or out the door and thank you next sir.

Ok. Now I’ve got to rest myself. This is an amazing affect. Love is powerful. Xoxo ❤️

I hope this really helps some people. It’s time we stop fearing the mind and words. I’ll post later. I’m crazy but I’m thorough. This is a lot of energy that’s coming at me guys. It’s insane energy. Capricorn’s in the air. Saturns here. Pluto. Like wow guys I’m am pulling for ya all up here through this transit of my ruling planet. Oh shit. Venus is sextiling with Saturn? That’s explains a lot right there all this I am typing. Oh Venus. Your sexy thing you.

Mother. Issue. Feelings. And emotions are at the root of everything. If something is sick. Go to the roots. Clean the roots. Care for the Mothers. Care for Mother Earth. All ties together. Where is war? Go to the mothers. They are praying a righteous prayer. Together and not even touch hands. They have control of the airwaves and daddy let them run there clasp together fingers through his hair to speak to us all. Wow!!

Holy shit! Moms are on the mainline!! The grid. The planet. This ship is changing course correction now. You will see it. I’m getting the forward trajectory. ahead of time lapse. Live streaming broadcast to all of us. This is a bread crumb to add to other bread crumbs to make bread pudding with. Which means celebrations on her way. Graduations. Promised lands. New ideas. Explosions of ideas. Massive changes in course. Instantly. 5G?? Oh please.

I know I’m going. To places no wo mans ever gone before. Where ever that is.

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