I’m very satyrical. Satrunial.

Excuse my dry bread here. But it’s a byob party people. Bring your own booze party. So chew it yourself or go home. This ain’t your Mamas house. It’s this Mamas house. So buckle up there and hold on. Arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Get ready for a ride if your life and some lessons learned. Gods the net. Not me. I’m the coach, nurse, maid, bitch Mama kicking that ass in gear. Equal to my Mamas who raised me tough as a cob after eating it. Throw me in the corn mash. I’ll heat up make like whiskey. Sure shooters. Taste like whiskey. Im the chaser.

Clowns are just funny preachers. Like Mary Poppins. She pops in and gets to workin on family relationship with a little carpet baggin. She ain’t beggin. They paying for her attentions fo detail. Will she wows the magic spells and changes the dynamics. Bring out the best adds some antics. No drama. Cuz they already got some. Woman suffering with her man child who needs growing up. Sipping whiskey a little to much not bring bacon to the table. Upsetting the children.

How did she even know without even a phone? Ever wonder? How she knew? She was connected to main line at all time taking directions from the creator mother who’s did she’s bidding. Jokster. Dear Mother of Mothers teaching lesson to make you laugh at later. While your eatin tater salad off the table.

Mary Poppins. Sarcastic sarcastic. Poking fun at an old man acting like a boy. Bring shame to the family story that needed rewriting. His daughter. The writer. Of Mary Poppins. Invited. By Walt Disney himself for his daughters. To bring honor to her father in pictures we all remember. The archetype called Mary Poppins. all the archetypes put together. In a woman’s body. No other. Than United. She danced in the streets and on roof tops with strangers chimney sweepers? Oh my🗣 what about the neighbors? They loved her too. Why not? Who could not love and pay such a woman as Mary Poppins. And who would follow along side her as she works her magic on families and not learn the trick of her trade? Over. And over. And over.

Yeah. I’ve paid attention have you?

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