I’m trying to tell you. It works

While I’m writing the poetry and messages keep coming in and connecting the dots. It’s all making so much more sense.

No limits except your limits. So limitless. Let go of limits. Face fear. He step aside. Then you in. Face doubt if she show up. Roll up. Push her aside. I’m inside. Beyond all the walls in the mind. Dna. Transforming. rewrite it. Get your mind right. Then left. Then right. Left in the dust.

Garbage I. Garbage out. don’t hold it in. Shit it out. Find more. Find better. Keep going. Taste it. Spit it out. Life is a dance. Dance it out. I hope you dance. This kiss. Stand by wo man. June Carter. John Cash. Notebookin. Right on the stage. Smeared on the screen. Tragic. Get over it. Move on. We never forget good love. Ask for more. Don’t starve yourself girl. The grief is not living just cuz someone died. Disrespectful to their memory if we close down. Jumanji. Thank you next.

You all better get your collagen peptides. If you wanna keep up its trending. Go on girl feed that brain. No worries needed. You got what it takes Michelle Obama. Showed you. Forget the color. She got the same soul. She got the moves. Eminem. Working for me. He talks crazy fast. Processing words like a blender. Spitting out rhythms like a salad shooter on steroids. Blasting hemorrhoids, haters, flakers. Irritators

See? It’s just comes.

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