When you wield you sword

When you wield your sword. What is your sword? Your tongue, which guides your words, which are guided by your thoughts that love in your mind.

If you don’t voice your fears for fear that fear will come to pass you way off. If your head is filled with fears you are trying to deny exist? You have become clogged with unrecognized and accounted for fears that will reek havoc on your life because like attracts like. if you are full of fear and shamed to admit them, and identify them, they rule. If fear rules you are ruled by fear.

Calling fear out is like calling role call. if fear is left in the darkness of denial fear can breed. How can love even get in or out? Fear. Get out of my way. Command fear to step aside. So love can get in or out. Doubt will follow fear. To even confront fear you face doubt first. Will it work? Do you even believe that? Are you sure? I mean? I’m pretty strong and all? I’ve kicked your ass before on Sunday. Ha ha ha ha ha. Doubt will laugh at you and say, they will call you crazy. Yeah. My strongest weapon. Are you sure you can really stand up to me and I’ll step aside? Yeah. It’s dark inside the shame cave where love is waiting for you to let her out by facing doubt and fear to tell them to stand down.

Cuz loves powerful and doubt and fear want to make sure you are ready. They will push you down trillions of time to watch to strengthen your resolve and allegiance to love. She’s not whore. You got to pay to play with love. Fear and doubt will poke your heart and make it bleed and heal to grow stronger so when love comes along your ready. She plays hard.

Is this planet ready to play with love? Do we have what it takes? To love despite what it looks like? Knowing full well Loves voice. Calling is higher. Are we ready to climb into the shame cave and clean her out? Hmmm? She’s gonna demand you work for her. Love that is. She doesn’t stab you. No. Nor does fear and doubt. No. We push into them instead of calling them out and cut ourselves slamming against their knives. Falling down. Bloody and wounded. Will we rise up to try again or just? Stand there and bleed as, Patrick Swazi said. To a man in a salon who was smelling like a bag of fear and doubts. As he made them stand down and took over the spirits in that bar so he could play a good game of cards.

He didn’t even need a gun. That man wasn’t stupid. He knew he had met his match. So fear and doubt all up in his head knew he wasn’t ready to die for love like Jesus. And that man stepped back and let Love take over that bar. And the bartender gladly paid that man to stay and protect the spirits in the bar. Human and liquid. Jesus made water into wine. I’m sure even Jesus know that liquors made from grapes, like brandy. Jesus like to party too.

And he paid with his life for love and got love. It’s was use that got death. Of a man who told the truth no one wanted to hear to get free from fear and doubt. Hung on a tree to prove the point about love. If you love you will risk it all for love sake. For love to stay alive and for fear and death to die. As people stood and watched his body die, rejected by his own people who sick with denial watched and did nothing to take him down for fear of calling their own doubts and feasts out and tell the truth. Acting like slaves to the masters called doubt and fear.

When then to wield the sword of truth for loves sake. and face the truths we know today that need to change by using truth for lives sake and cleaning ourselves up. The Samaritan. Lovely species at the time. Took up the man in the ditch. The lesson has been taught. We read and we read and we read into that story. But what have we read out of the story? He picked up a stranger on the road who was wounded. Sick with fear and doubt of Gods loves power to show him Gods power. Paid the price to save love. Paid it forward for himself that day and gained many friends and family and Followers. Likes and hashtag all over the planets. We all talk about that Samaritan man. But can we follow his lead or just like his feed?

Oh hear me now. I’m preaching. And how. Can you hear me Mama? Am I coming in clearly? Doubt. You’ve been called out hanging all over my Mother, but loves come to town to free love inside my Mother. I two have paid with my own body and flesh to save love inside my own chest beating with the heart God made in me with her body. Twice. By loving a stranger who took me in off the road of my Damascus and heals me with love and saved my love for Mother. An American Indian, mixed with French and some German. Precisely took me in and love me and my Mama within me. Stupendous.

Divinely guides. And given more than her portion of love from me she could handle as she battled doubt and fears while she raised me. Was? It enough to pay with her life to have love? Oh yes. She paid double gladly for what Linda provided for her to experiences. So much there was extra so God sent me home to share all the love God saved through this woman. As she wielded there sword against my own fears I wasn’t enough? Love for her to handle. Oh but she handles it. Paid double. Or triple. No matter. She’d have taken a dozen of me and not even blink and eye. She’s told me a trillion times.

So love. Use it. Go on. Cut loose of the looser mentality called doubts and fears. I want to see people healed and for us all to be abundant. It’s no fun if everyone’s not winning.

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