Mama? Can you hear me?

Mama can you hear me?

I’m calling on the main line

Can you hear me calling

To you tonite

I’m not fine

This new world you sent me to

It’s not ok

These folks ain’t like you Mama

Something don’t feel right

No. It’s dark and lonely

And I’m so blue over you.

Yes blue over you

I can’t seem to forget you?

Like everyone here keeps telling me to do

I’m trying so hard to be good

So I can go home

I just keep praying to God

Calgon take me away

Mama? Can you hear me praying for you?

I just wanna go home

I’m sick

And don’t know what to do

But they won’t let me

I feel so alone Mama

Please Lord. Help me

Let Mama know I’m praying

Please. I’ll keep trying to be good

Let Mama know I need her

This hurts so much

Please take the pain away

Lord I beg you

Just give me Mama back and I’ll never stray

Forgive me

I’m trying so hard to be good enough

All I want is my Mama

Why is that so wrong?

Mama? Can you hear me?

I got an A today

These folks don’t seem to care

As long as I just stay out of the way

The flowers are so pretty

I wish I could give them to you

I miss you so much

Can you hear me when I pray?

On the Jesus Main line today?

I learned to ride my bike

Wish you could see me

I want to run away

I wanna just run and find you everyday

So I can give you all this love inside me

These folks don’t seem to care

That love is for only you

These strangers just keep you at bay

Can you hear me Mama?

While I pray?

I don’t wanna stay here anymore

My throat is sore

All this praying

While inside my heart roars

Guess I’ll have to wait til I grow up

To tell you about all these prayers

I don’t wanna wait til them

But I won’t give up

Can you hear me Mama?

Calling you in the main line


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