I have given my life

I have given my life in obedience to God and have lived as God willed through my own Mother to live. In service to the highest good of the treatment of children, learning the lifestyle practiced, rules, regulations and mindsets of the those who raise and guide the life as an orphan.

I as one of the tribe of this great nations of Children now graduating from our classes, rise to self identify as on of the tribe of the Orphaned ones, the tribe of Gods children. For God, this planet, whatever, took us up when our parents abandoned us. And I here tell you I pledged my allegiance to God a long time ago. I was safe before birth as all children are. Our words of faith claim that birth right to heaven. Heaven on earth is what we are choosing to focus on. And grace is a gift and must be accepted by all so all can receive. There is an I Am. When? Will we call God a we and accept there is a she in the triad called God? For she walks in human form on this planet everyday?

Of Jesus is on the right? Hand man. Then I ask you? Who’s to the left? Left hook out of know where? If not the feminine of the planet? Woman whether in male costumer or female costume. No matter. I create life. God chooses according to need and purpose who the clay will be made. Come Holy Spirit is the demons spirit. She’s always called for a crisis. Not a tea party. And it’s time, high time says this Holy Spirit Mama you give me some praise back. For all my milkshakes all over the yard and you can’t even throw away the trash? So messy.

Pick up this planet. Clean as you go. Grow up. Not fat in the sense of lazy. Why must I look like trash? Red, blue, clear, white, yellow? You name it. Color trash!!! The side of the road? What a mess in some places.

It’s time to grow up like the wildflowers you are and to now protect me. Remember your Mother. Earth. And love your own Mother and cast all her fears away. Now. Not later. Right now. Stop and give Mama what she needs. A warm hug. Cus no one would be here without me. Ask Noah. 💋

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