God does not give us a spirit of fear. And my Mama needs my love to cast all fear out. In the name of Jesus. Join me as we hold bands in the sky and claim it. Please

Let us join together using our phones as the contact point of our intentions.

I have prayed the prayer of my own Mother and ask God now yo extend it over every mother on this planet. As we hold hands and agree together we join forces using love yo cast our fear from all Mothers with the full understanding that is fear is cast out of them it creates an infinite and complete figure eight of loving protection over us all.

For Mothers represent Mother Earth. And as we pray for our Mothers, we all agree that we are in turn praying for Earth. Our true Mother is Earth. and she needs us to use the weapon of love at this time to cast our fear so we as citizens, queens and Kings of this planet can ascend beyond fear.

And remember. Fear and doubt are friends. Let me ask your doubt this question. Don’t you want to be loved? Don’t you want this planet to go places where no man or woman have gone before? Aren’t you tired of fighting love? How hard is it to try? You’ve doubted long enough. Learn form Brother Thomas. Try me. And pray. Thrust you hands together, two or more gathered together and I am in the middle? Who is I am? If not the spirit of God within us as we join our hands and wake up.

I see you doubt. I see you fear. I accept you. All who pray must accept the shadow emotions within them selves to truly go into the promised land of a world hell bent on love for once. Join with me if you dare? Nike-just don it. Do you just think some man made that slogan up? Who is the true giver of creativity? If not me. I am within you.

This planet called Mother. How much is she worth? To you? Are you willing to put your prayer where your money is? Cuz what is Money honey? When I own all the hills and can make them rise up and go down, and wipe out any town and whom ever I please. Pay attention children. Mama has been speaking. Are you listening? I see many are. But I am the creator of no man or woman left behind. United we stand. Divided we fall is true about everything including me.

How else does a ball in space surrounded with a permeable membrane travel a thousand miles an hour and still keep its self together now? Go on. Look it up. Learn about me. Love is the most powerful force I am. Use it. Face fear. Face doubt. Accept them. It’s part of the learning process. Just don’t let them run a muck. Keep them in check.

Love run from nothing. Love faces every challenge. Love gives all. And love wins. Wield it fearlessly. Love is the most powerful tool for change. Shift your gears with me now.

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