Virgo huge shift…..huge

What? I ask to my own Mama. Am I taking?

And I ask. What is the universe, God, trying to give you? What’s really going on? And what is real? Shift your focus on the past, by adding the future. And what’s that mean?

What I am hearing from this reading so far is that God the universe whatever is taking away a whole hell of a lot of pain. Pain being nothing more than not it up neurons in your mind that our glob together. It’s like gods and tying the knots. So that you’re mine now can be free to see further than you even thought you could go.

Yes it’s a pain staking process to process the past. But you do your mother have me helping you. Because deep down I know you’re a winner he’s feeling like a loser. But we’re all losers at some point. And you’re losing your past ideas of what you thought was to gain what really is after it all.

It’s like math adding and subtracting to find a better equation, finding a better solution. In math the solution is what comes after the addition and subtraction and beyond the Equal sign. 💋

Just trust and believe that I won’t let you down. And trust that all your prayers for understanding are coming now. As your understanding expands. It’s all working out. Like they say., It all comes out in the wash. Thank GodFor the divine washing machine.

So Mama just sit back while I’m taking a lead, and would you freaking enjoy the ride. I’ve worked hard. To help you make this right. And the shift we are in in the shit we’ve been in,It’s going to change the world as we know it.

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