Random tik toks. Enjoy. 🥰

If you can’t have fun. And laugh at yourself? Well what’s the use?

This blog is a sort of trash can where people can come, look for anything that might help them? And then leave. Hopefully I am teaching people that going there and getting things off their chests does pay off. That you don’t have to hold it in.

I held it in. It was all I could do at the time.

And then I just blurted it all out when the time felt right. And through this process of purging the old I’ve learned that the truth really does set you free, it frees up space inside you whole self that can now be filled with what you do what inside your whole life.

Do what you must to get free. Those who are truly meant to be in your life will stay. And those that are just hanger oners and fair weather friends, even if they are genetically family? Well, sluff off and go away.

Stay strong. Listen you your gut. And tell the truth no matter who it may appear to hurt. The truth in the end is they most likely are already hurt and just blame it on you.

If I had not gone here. Talked about what I needed to talk about. Been public about it so those who said they were fans could really see inside of me and what has made me who I am today? Well? I would not know what I know now.

And now. The proof is in this pudding.

Who’s with me? Is with me? Who’s not? Never was at all.

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