No more binding spells

If you’re doing a binding spell, and you think you took care of it, just remember the findings in the spell, you’re still bound to it.

It’s way better to just go in and confront it. Then to bind it and put it in the ground. Because at the end of the day it’s still there in the ground. You just put it somewhere else. What goes around comes around. And was bound on earth is bound in heaven.

So we’re doing when we’re binding in spells is buying a bunch of stuff and attaching it to a person which attaches it to us so in the end were all bound up. We must rightly divide the word of truth. And that’s not just the Bible that’s our own words.

Rightly dividing. That’s using sword work. That’s cutting away at lies to reveal truth like surgery. So when we’re binding we’re fighting ourselves to a problem and bearing it in the earth. Here’s a video below that shows binding spell. I spell is nothing more than a prayer.

No it’s not to say when you do a binding spellThat you’re not working out somehow. But just remember you found yourself to that to have to deal with it at a later date. Whatever you found yourself will come back around until you can unbind it and get yourself free.

And I’m not saying that I know everything. I’m just seeing what’s coming to me and adding it up with what other people now. There’s no way to know what other people know unless you speak your truth. It’s like GPS someone’s got a know where you’re at so they can know where they’re at and then together you can go somewhere else.

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