Random disruptions called children 💋😩❤️

Coming at ya!! Full force!! Gonna disrupt that mind that’s all jumbled up!! I’m a pro. Just hold on lady!!! I got you!! Hold still. And move around. Sit down. Then jump up!

Don’t try to make no sense. Just stop it. Gods got you. Grace covers it.

While we find our words cuz we lost it. Poets. Don’t make sense. Cus people be inane. Trying to make sense put in the rain. I can disrupt you all day. Don’t be so serious baby. Lady.

This is your baby. Coming your way again again. Circle around. Spinning out. Throwing mud. Spinning. Jam that gear. Reverse it. Mash on it. Drive it. Ride it. Let go!!!!!


I’m already in your door trying to break it up.

Break it down. Come on Mama. You got me. Break it down. Break it down Mama. Oooooow

Yeah. Baby that’s how we do it. Break it down. Jump up. Smooth it down. Round after round. Poking fun at ya. Looking like your clown. Town. Down. On the ground. Love me. Hate me. You know you want me.

Come on Mama. Break it down. Break it up. But that bible down now. Hold my hand. Break it down Mama. Shake your junk. Shake it down down down.

Down to the ground. Them back up. Wiggle that thing. Gods watching. Gods the king. Now dance for me while Gods watching while theirs still time for God to see ya.

I’m your blessing Mama. See me. Silly. Joker. Lover. Now baby girl remember why. God made me. Wiggle girl. Go on you know how. Cut that junk loose. Follow mother goose. Remove that noose. Wiggle Mama. Break it down. Town. Loose the frown. Gods got you. Healing looks crazy. Cuz your dazzy. Hazy.

I’m a jerk? Ing your mind around. Back into the right side. Don’t ask me how? I do what I do? Just follow my lead. Let that shit go mama. For me Mama. Take my hand. Come on get crunk for me. Lean back mama.

The devil comes to steal kill and to destroy. This ain’t no ploy. The devil ain’t seen nothing like me Mama I act like a boy. I’m a woman. Calling on your Mama. Come see about me Mama. Come see about me Mama.

Property of this woman singing straight to my own Mama. So don’t even. Not give me my credits. See about me.

Loves crazier yet.

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