You know? If you put your head in the sand?

Your head fills up with sand? Is sand a good foundation? Let alone something we should stick our heads into? Are we ostriches? No. We are humans. And our heads need to be lifted up so we can see and understand what’s coming.

Book worms eat books. Are books really a complete nutrition? No. They are not. And we need more books then just the Bible. Like every person is a book to be read if your ware enough to learn how to read a person? A thousand words? Said in just a gesture of honesty? And ten thousand words spoken to cover a lie. Which is the narrow road? Lie? Or honesty? Takes so many more lies to cover the Original lie? Why even try to lie?

Lying just fries a person wires and the wires get all tangled up? What a mess people do to their own brain to do such a thing? TELL YHE TRUTH AND BE SET FREE. Such a simple thing? And yet people struggle with it? Micro managing? Your life Weill lead to hot water. My Mama got herself into hot water when she chose to lie. Not my problem. But I’m smart enough and brave enough to say hey! Stop!

And she called me crazy? Oh please honey. Please. My daughter ran you around a mulberry bush? And wants me to treat you like some disabled dog and pat you on the head and play nice? You bite! And need rehabilitation. Redirecting. Some new ideas to flood that sick mind and rearrange it. Back and forward into the new ages.

Lamenting over the Bible all day? You ain’t learned one lesson girl. Not one of you let me walk out your door. Not once. But three times doll? You. Yes. You. My own mother? Can I help it you thought you left me behind? And now you find me ahead of you? Seems I’m the turtle and your a dumb hare brained woman thinking God didn’t see this coming? Sand in your mind is no foundation.

And teaching my daughter? To disrespect this Mother? Oh hell no. Cuz the one you so smugly sent me to taught me some new lessons I teaching to all of you. She. So Worried I’d end up like you and reject my own children? Own your shit. And stop hiding. Gods got you under arrest in your own home? Tied to the post like the elephant you are? Trying to work your way into heaven? Obedience above sacrifice girl. Get it right.

You think I’m making this all up? Oh please. Gods got your number and I’m on your party line. I’ve been hearing it for years as god told me on you. So I knew. Exactly what to do. Obey. Show up. And respect your Mama even if you’ve got two! Cuz one didn’t want to show up to work and another took her place! You have no idea what love is girl. Lying to my daughter while she fed you your own lies back to you. Just a regurgitation of a damn lie of a foundation. If you were so damn solid? Then why do you block me? Hmm? Why?

How do I lie to thee!

Let me Count the reason!

That’s not how it goes sister.

Your drug of Choice?

Lies. In bed with the father of lies?


New at eleven.

Can’t get into heaven dirty.

Confessions the only way.

You can pray to die all day.

But you get there when you come clean.

Lead yourself back to god and stop trying to mislead my own children? They know god. And they smoke a swear. And you silence my child when she lead someone to god? So excited? Stopped her due to your own issues? You have no idea who god is then? Your worshiping some white father of lies and blinded by the light girl.

You. Would not know the truth of it slapped you in the face girl. Cuz I’m slapping you in your gray matter right now. And your feeling now. Aren’t you? Yeah. Don’t know what to do? Can’t find the way back? Cuz you need a trained tracker to get out of that jam? No jelly? Fat belly. Wounded woman without a cause.

I am the cause you walked away from. Your gonna feed everyone else but me? Oh please. God is not listening. Your talking to the devil. If you think I’m some curse? Your curse is calling. I’m just telling you so you can stop answering the wrong person?

God been showing me all about you while I fly around in the air talking to random people. You’re the quitter. Not me. I’m the winner. You tried to kill? Your own daughter? Seriously. Fess up. No more excuses. I’m call you out right here in the street the sky. While the world watches to see what kind of Christian you are. Put your money away. I don’t need it. My father own the cattle of a thousand hills. And you’ve been just eating yesterday’s meals that you barfed up from the day before. Over and over and round and round. Down and up and? Makes me dizzy just saying it? Stop!

Warning after warning. Stiff necked woman. I can not associate with such treason. To god and his kingdom of children. Old woman. You forgot the lesson about staying like children. Teachable. Reachable. Grounded. Pure. You lie? That’s not pure honey. That’s poison.

Jezebel. Spirits all over you girl. You tried to kill this prophetess! And rid your world of me? And you killed my brothers body? But I’ve still got his mind. All stored on my hard drive called a mind. And life as you’ve known it is gonna change if you don’t change. You’ve been warned by not only me. So the judgement is the judgement you have brought on yourself. It’s not me. It’s all you honey. I’m just obeying god who’s using my mind and my fingers to speak to you publicly. Takes a public confession girl to rid yourself of this curse you brought on yourself when you did not show up for work.

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