The world will try

The world will try

And sometimes succeeds

To Grab your throats

And squeeze

And hold your unique voice


Ideas from days

Gone by

Will wrap her tenticals

Around your throat

Just tight enough

So you can still breath

And If you don’t scream

Just yet

And just Grow


With her noose

Around that neck

And Go on


What else can be done

When the world

Tries to tie your

Unique voice box

Up with it bow

Say to yourself


Say to the world

Inside your head

“You wanna play it that way, A?”

Let them hold you back

Because we all know

That’s just a damn

That’s bound to blow

From To much pressure

That Always gives

The unique voice

A big old heave



And then let it all flow

Like the river

Of tears

The world

Held back

For years and years

Just like

Clint Eastwood’s

Scared up neck

From a noose

Covered by a bandanna

Who Killed every man

That dared


To hang him

Your voice

Has power

That’s why

They will try

To hang you

Believe in yourself

For God made you

For a reason


For your season

Then stand up

And perform

The greatest act

Of your life

And call the world out

Using that big knife

You’ve Been forced to hold back


The world

Right in the face

With all the


They dared to

Try to erase

For at the end

Of your great


The world

Will weep

And stand to their feet

As you show

How you survived

Such a state

And those poor souls will

applaud you

For all you held


And how you survived

And thrived

With a noose around

Your neck

By Showing only

The world

All of the scars

There was a little girl

Who had a little curl

Right in the middle

Of her forehead

And when she was good

She was very very good

And when she was bad

She was horrid

Horrid to whom I ask?

Horrid to those who dared

To choke

A little girls throat

With what they

Called the truth

That’s whom

It was always their ultimate doom

Because they to had a noose


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