Just gonna share these videos

Growing up I held a lot of anger back to keep myself safe. Setting up boundaries is something I work on now. And finding safe people is key.

For six years I’ve reached towards a still faced woman for help and now see that I must cut that off and begin again. As well as face that the woman who raised me also was a still faced woman. Which is a break through for a high trait agreeable empath like me.

I hope that these help you as well to gain more understanding about your own mental healthy and how to find what is safe.

I tried hard to reconnect with my Mother. I try hard to connect to my Adoptive Mother. And neither one do I feel a healthy emotional connection to. No matter how hard I try. One is available physically and not emotionally due to alcohol use. The other refuses to be available to me. Which has had a tremendous affect on my. And has been very hurtful. Extreme melt hurtful. It’s affected me in so many ways I become overwhelmed as I learn about healthy ways to connect.

I’ve let my own children down due to being let down. And I work to eight that in hopes that I can forge better connections with them.

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