Kind of cracks me up? Birth Mothers. Privilege.

Kind of cracks me up?

My Own Mother?

What? Did she think I would not have an opinion?

That I wouldn’t be a bitch? And face her?

And birch in her face? And not just murmur? Murder my own child to save my own face?

Wow! And Well. Well. Well! Do tell. At the end of your day crying to God and forming a well of tears. Crying for mercy. Where was mercy for me?

I learned my lessons and I’ve taught a few of my own to a lot of people. Now you.

Privilege. Is earned when a mother can’t teach you what that word even means.

Having your rights taken. Forced to comply until God grants you the privilege to speak freely. Who’s stopping me now?

Not even you dear lady.

You don’t see me grumbling in some dark corner. Talking to the sky do ya? No.

Talking smack behind your back? No.

Mumbling and swearing inside my head? No.

Blah blah blah.

Do you even know what love is I ask?

Standing so proud of yourself on the edge of that cliff? Well? Jump then. Go on.

Looking at me like I’m crazy? While I call all your crazy out with worn eyes of observations. Watching you stiff that neck and defy gods gift.

Publicly. Now. You can’t hide.

A wise man said, “Better are the wounds of a friend then the kisses of the enemy” what do you say about that?

To much stuff in your way to even see God in me talking to you? Wow.

Consider this your warning of a course correction of that mind of yours. Gods been calling you for years! Pick up the phone.

Trying to tell me to get right? Oh please.

And all you other Mother’s who gave away your gift? You better get right before it’s too late.

Cuz Gods calling us children all home to the woman who sent us to strangers to raise to teach all of you our lessons well earn and learn to teach them to you.

So get right with your Lord. Cuz we coming for you. You all need a lesson in loyalty. I never wavered in mine. I stood by and honored my own Mamas wishes and went home like God told me and obeyed. Will you?

Will you deny your gifts now? The gift of perspective earned by the child you refused?

Will you answer the door? And let them in? Or just keep hitting that snooze button and living in your sins? Missed the mark. Yeah. That’s you.

To in love with your own life to give any fucks about us? Saving yourself throwing us under the bus? While the whole world watches and stares at the children refused by the woman God sent us too?

You all told on yourselves the day you walked away. Lovers of your own selfish ways. Blaming the world for the trouble you brought on yourselves? While a stranger does your Job? Instead of yourselves?

Your womb? A privilege. A place God bring life from. And you all just turned your back on the gift that came from heaven calling them curses? How dumb can you be?

Raising babies is hard work. This is true.

I kept mine and mine still ain’t raised if they don’t see their Mama as a queen? Me emerging and complaining that they can’t see? A damn good Mama is me. Raised by a stranger who didn’t have a clue who did a better job them you.

Ungrateful I say. Mothers like you.

I’ve earned the right taken to speak this truth to all of you.

Is loyalty telling someone you love what they want to hear? Or what they need to hear?

My own Mama ran herself off the road of her life. Totaled her car? And still can’t see? Oh me. Oh my. How hard we fall when we deceive ourselves and deny Gods gift time after time.

You all need prayer. And a darn good spanking if you ask me. Regifted Gods presents. You now live your own curses. Without us.

Tell me now? Where the blessing?

In that?

I felt the snap inside my brain that caused a deep pain from a woman I was linked to through DNA while she dared to walk away from her blessing on my birthday.

While my Grandmas watched her disgrace our family name, they prayed for my return and that I’d learn the lessons they could not teach a stiff necked woman who couldn’t even see God in me.

Those angels who now help me read her her own riot act plain as day in broad day light publicly.

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