Yes. I needed to disconnect.

This work is every intense. And I’ve very determined. I take this seriously.

It’s my life

It’s my Mamas life

If my families life

And I desire that we all learn our lesson on behavior. So I’m playing the fool. The jester.

Asking the craaazy questions. That need answers. Real answers.

Is my own Mother marking a truly wise decision denting me? Is her Denial truly helping her reputation?

Is her stand helping our family growth? Spiritual and mental growth?

And I’m am challenging my Mother’s beliefs.

And also challenging my families beliefs that are grounded in hers.

I’ve taken some time off to grieve. Facing my own Mothers actions, helps me face the actions I inherited from her nature. So. That I can transcend.

My family. Can hold this blog against me? But that’s not really productive.

Each day. I wait. When I receive no call? Then I know they need more help. Because if they saw me correctly? Then they would call me.

So? Who’s looking crazy now?

Me? Being honest? Showing my hand?

Or my Mother and my family? Who hide?

Including Chelsie winces she’s aligned with them? Of course I’m warning her of her allegiance? To give her a chance to readjust.

My questions in regards to my daughter is if she’s all better now then why is she unable to face her own Mother? Who? Has advice her to abandon her own Mother? Keeping this vicious cycle going?

Is god pleased?

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