I’m back. I’ve got a dream.

God is trying to speak. Yes. Through me.

A broken, wounded, rejected, abandoned, sold, child.

Sold to a stranger.

Bound to someone else’s dreams of me.

Tied to pain that’s come from losses not gains.

Looking all crazy.

Trying to get free.

Cuz I’ve got a love.

No hate can kill.

I feel the wounds of many

Not yet born

As they watch me.

One of Jesus’s sisters

Trying to make the world see

What’s they do

To children growing within the wombs


Are we gonna take the time

To look at all we do

Thinking we saving

When we are tearing children into two


Will we see and accept that children,

Are gifts.


I’ve asked my own Mamas.

Lost in their own dreams

Of me

When you gonna let me be the me that this life made me to be?

Cuz I’ve seen

Many things your eyes could not see.

I’ve lived invisibly visible

Under the governments rule

I want both my Mamas

To stand and support me

Because I supported each of their choices

Back in my day

There ain’t no going back

That’s right

But we gonna go forward

And make this right

For their are children who are not born yet

That will love the reality

Of the dream I have.

Oh Jesus.

I know your with me

I can feel the thorns in my head.

Blood dripping down my neck

Nails in my hands and feet

Hanging her for those children

Is me.

Cuz you suffered for me

I’ll suffer for them to have better

Than this

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