You know? If my own Mama really opened up and took a try again? She’d

Have to admit she was wrong about me. She’d have to face her ideas of who I am and let go of any judgments attached to my actions.

Coming home feels like being stranded on an island for years and your family has moved on. They look at you like you’re a ghost that’s disrupting their world when that fact is you were always alive. Just Marooned by adoption.

An open minded person lets people prove their ideas wrong.

An open minded person allows new ideas in.

Is my own Mama acting like an open-minded person?

Is she allowing me to prove her ideas about me wrong?

Has she called me? Or written me?

Does she expect me to write her? Call her?

When clearly she’s cut off all contact?

By blocking me through email, phones, cell and home, and has changed or canceled her PO Box?

My son spent money fed ex-ing her? And she apologized? To him. But not me?

Does she even think that man is gonna think that’s ok? When clearly? It was him that told me to leave? When I took him to my last visit to her? When it was him telling me, look hopeless?

That’s the mental health that adoption left my Mama in. He write her for me. And reads me the letters. Because he loves his Mama and know this hurts. Bu it he’s not impressed with my families actions. No.

I’m Not crazy for trying to help them. I’m a good sister and daughter. Working to drive crazy away from my family.

My own Mama is sick with fears. Sick. The o my way for healing is to give her the information to settle those fears down.

Clearly she’s living in fear town. Cuz I saw it with my own eyes. Clearly she’s not seeing me but herself because I saw that with my own eyes. Delusions. Deluded into believing she’s right?

Hey lady!! Go left! Left turn this time! Right is a dead end!!

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