Once you know better…

Once you know better. Once the scales are removed from the inner eyes and the light streams in, that’s when the calling changes. Because that when you really begin to see things. Things that you were blind to before.

Jesus our mud on a mans eyes who had been blind since birth and he saw. And he was forever changed. No longer blind and unable to see. Does the story tell that the man got angry at Jesus for placing mud on his eyes? No. It doesn’t. It tells that that man praised God for Jesus who took the time to see to that mans sight.

Did that man feel like a fool for not knowing? Mud could cure his sight? No. He praised God that Jesus brought healing to him and his sight was a new amazing gift he had waiting for for years begging along the side of the road. Stories. Slayed have the flip side. Jesus was a radical person who dared to help, dared to do what many could not do for that man.

Now faith came into play that day when Jesus told that man to go and wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam. And it took that mans belief to cause him to go and do as Jesus had told him to receive the gift of the sight he longed for. If he had stayed on the side of the road and done nothing he would not have received his sight, the gift he and his family had prayed for.

When that man returned home. He was changed so much people thought it wasn’t him. They marveled and asked how. And that man, began to speak his testimony. That’s when his true calling began. Called to testify that God is real and alive and was working though Christ Jesus the carpenters sons from Galilee.

Jesus changed the status quo. How? Working on the sabbath, the holy day set aside for rest. Jesus worked on the sabbath doing Gods will and brought healing to a man born blind. And the Pharisees were upset, Jesus was making them look bad and they did not like it.

Warning- don’t allow yourself to get to comfortable. Don’t allow yourself to become a Pharisee.
a self-righteous person; a hypocrite.

Don’t think you know it all only seeing one side. We all must be reachable. Teachable.

That blind man could have told Jesus to go. He could have insisted he was blind and that’s all he could receive? But he did not. He wanted to see and go beyond what life had dealt him. And because of his faith he received sight.

Once you receive something like that? You can’t hide it and remain silent. A free gift that only required a walk to a pool and washing of the face. Seems to good to be true? But let us remember that faith without works is dead.

Now there’s me. Slinging mud at my Mamas eyes. Telling her to go wash off yesterday. Calling her faith to work. Standing. Waiting for her to return to me. To take a look with those new eyes at me standing in the street of the world loving her enough to sling mud on her eyes of the heart so she can see the gift god sent to her in 1963. Because the fact is, back then? She was blind. She did not see the gift of me.

She sent Jesus away that day. And she remained blind until I came of age and wandered home to slap moly’s on the eyes of her soul so she could see. Me. Her gift. Sent from heaven and no or hell. She already was in hell to do such a thing. So blinded by doctrines and what people told her that she ended up refusing her gift. A child.

Mary wasn’t blinded. She dared to believe and receive. And we now have the stories of Jesus to guide us back to right seeing. She did not choice to stay blind, and deny the king of kings from being born to her because she was scared people would reject her. She just accepted her gift. But the people of the day. Blind to god by their own ideas and interpretations of the manual we call the holy scriptures.

But we must. And I say must learn to rightly divide the words of truth and not just take those scriptures at someone else face value just because they say. God tells us to prove him. That’s like proving math. We must test God and work our faith to gain higher knowledge. It’s deeper than just reading someone’s regurgitations of another persons interpretations. And my truth challenges all Mama has known and learned while I was not there to ask her why? Removed. Unable to help her test God.


Now we all who read the Bible know that story. And this story is not to take way but add to Jesus’s ministering. But Jesus? Was a healer. An intelligent person who listened to God when god told him spit and out clay on that mans eyes. Clay cures parasites in the eyes. And in the body. The link above shows what we who read that story don’t see. Jesus was a Doctor. And earth is the medicine. It’s the understand that we all can heal if we will learn and then take a risk to do, and believe.

I’ve learned about all of this. And bring this information to my own Mama who needs to see beyond what she knows for her full circle. My sister drinks diatomaceous earth. Another parasite curing compound. So. All around my Mama is knowledge. Knowledge she could not see due to misinformation’s and informations lacking expansion. I’m backing up what my sister has instructed her to do. And that link shows why she should follow us both. My sister and me. Both healers trying to heal her. Working like bird dogs on her trying to get her to wash the mud off her eyes to see the gifts we bring.

We are both friends we have stuck like

Chuck. And all four of us want our Mama to see. To see us as the gift we are in her life.

See? It’s not all about me. But Hods just using the crazy one who was sent away to speak. The one who’s crazy enough to stand up and say stop right their little Mama. You need some mud on this eyes. The one who’s banishing all the false prophets that fed her lies and bringing the interpretations she needs to see.

The girl who dares to stir the pot.

The girl who dares to defy the odds told you my own Mama back in the day when I was to young to speak up. But god is faithful and I followed the man from Galilee. And learned the things Mama could see to bring the groceries home and set the table full for her to eat.

I sometimes wonder if both me and my brother died? And if this body is inhabited by an angel who took our place? But that’s crazy right? How do I gain the knowledge? That Mama seeks. If not for God who’s glory is clearly in need of being seen and celibates by we.

All I know is that a fire burns in my belly for a woman I came from to not miss her blessings that keeps me up at night typing words that come in chunks from where? God who knows her every move and tells them to me. Who give her the new coordinence to set that woman free of the bondage she thinks is God will.

My Mama. The elephant in my room. Chained to an idea that’s long over due. In need of reframing her back in the day from my rear view mirrors clear sightedness to see.

Mama. Do not look back anymore. You are turning to stone. Now listen to me. I’ve cut the cords. You are free to go. Look ahead. For I am there waiting. For you. Let our Sodom and Gomorrah burn. God sent me forward and not back to you. Let’s both get this right and not left. You cates to much about the past and the past has infected the future. I’ve brought the mud to help ya get better. Do better.

For we dear lady are called by the name Jesus. We paid a price, so did he for our freedom. Let us now choose to do better for now we know better. And turn the world on their ear for daring to tell you i was a curse.

Love. 1 Peter 4:8: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

I’ve covered them all Mama. Called them all by name. Pushed the buttons to show you. I knew the buttons cuz god showed me where to push.

Why else would I even come back? Like ask yourself why? I’ll tell you!!!

Because God!! Sent me!!

I’ve walked a lot of miles. Helped battered woman? Prayed for the lonely. Feed the hungry. Loved the unloved. Because god loves me. And you. I’ve read many books. Not just the Bible. I’ve learned science. I’ve learned about nature. And put it all together. For you to see.

If you trust god? Then trust gods using me.

And yes. It’s uncomfortable. Do you think? Jesus was comfortable? Helping a world that would kill him for his truth? Because his truth changed the status quo? No. Jesus was not comfortable. We don’t come to be comfortable. We come here to grow. To learn. To be changed. And to see.

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